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Should Prayer Be Allowed in School?

The purpose of this paper is to present an argumentative essay on whether or not prayer should be allowed in school. My personal perspective is that it should be, although I acknowledge some of the points on the cons side of the argument. The Pros Being allowed to pray in...

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Schoology Review

As internet and various portable devices take up a more important role in our lives by increasing proximity, convenience, and information availability, many traditional domains of human life are challenged with finding ways to adopt to the growing technological scene. Education is no exception. Over the past decade formal education...

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School Resource Officers

In recent years, many law enforcement officers have been placed in schools as School Resource Officers (SROs). Although the role of a School Resource Officer can vary depending on the school, they are generally tasked with providing safety and improving the climate of a school. However, the presence of SROs...

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Parent Involvement and Student Achievement in an Urban Charter School

Despite the rapid changes in the U.S. system of education, considerable gaps and inequities in the academic achievement of school youth continue to persist. These academic difficulties have cultural, socioeconomic, and family roots. For example, researchers found that children of Latino immigrants are among the most prominent academic underachievers in...

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Charter Schools

The model of charter schools that is currently growing in some problematic districts of the Untied States proves its effectiveness through the new models of management and operations. For instance, one of the explicit examples that prove the effectiveness of the charter schools was presented in the Wall Street Journal...

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