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Should Prayer Be Allowed in School?

The purpose of this paper is to present an argumentative essay on whether or not prayer should be allowed in school. My personal perspective is that it should be, although I acknowledge some of the points on the cons side of the argument. The Pros Being allowed to pray in...

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Schoology Review

As internet and various portable devices take up a more important role in our lives by increasing proximity, convenience, and information availability, many traditional domains of human life are challenged with finding ways to adopt to the growing technological scene. Education is no exception. Over the past decade formal education...

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School Resource Officers

In recent years, many law enforcement officers have been placed in schools as School Resource Officers (SROs). Although the role of a School Resource Officer can vary depending on the school, they are generally tasked with providing safety and improving the climate of a school. However, the presence of SROs...

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Parent Involvement and Student Achievement in an Urban Charter School

Despite the rapid changes in the U.S. system of education, considerable gaps and inequities in the academic achievement of school youth continue to persist. These academic difficulties have cultural, socioeconomic, and family roots. For example, researchers found that children of Latino immigrants are among the most prominent academic underachievers in...

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Charter Schools

The model of charter schools that is currently growing in some problematic districts of the Untied States proves its effectiveness through the new models of management and operations. For instance, one of the explicit examples that prove the effectiveness of the charter schools was presented in the Wall Street Journal...

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Chicago Public Schools

Chicago public schools have been found to fail meeting graduation rates, responding to students’ needs for college readiness, and closing achievement gaps. Just a tiny 7.9 percentage of all 11th graders tested ready for college in 2011. The graduation rate was only 57 per cent. Reportedly, there remain 123, 000...

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Classroom Observations

Science Teacher 1: Question 1: This teacher’s style of management is authoritative. The teacher is in control but is not completely strict. The effect on the students’ engagement is evident in their comfort in asking questions and discussing points not initially introduced by the teacher. The effect on the students’...

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Classroom Management Techniques

It is important for teachers to develop strategies on behavior management that may assist them in ensuring classroom attention and focus. Children misbehave because of denial of some needs. Different articles have been written discussing strategies teachers should employ to manage the behavior of learners at different ages. Starting with...

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Grade Inflation

Time and again, grade inflation arises in the news as being a catastrophic and detrimental event that, though worthy of discussion, is often an issue that predicts far worse outcomes and consequences than it actually does. In Alfie Kohn’s “The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation,” Kohn writes on how this...

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Accomplishment Essay

One of my proudest accomplishments is becoming a school treasurer in high school, not only because I overcame huge odds but also due to its educational value. The experience gave me huge self-confidence as well as taught me a lot about the art of competition. When I first decided to...

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Sex Education Essay

Introduction Across the globe, there is a general consensus regarding the nature of sex education and the role that it is regarding helping to reduce teen pregnancy rates. In many developed countries, increasing sex education has had a wide range of success in many areas that have correlated to a...

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Should Some Form Of Corporal Punishment By School Staff Be Acceptable?

When teachers are overwhelmed with several children doing several bad behaviors at once, school personnel will resort to the fastest mode of discipline possible – corporal punishment (Stephey). While corporal punishment does invoke fear in the punished child and other children who witness the punishment, it does little else to...

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CIEBS Business School Essay

One of the biggest trends over the next decade will be cloud. As far as consumers are concerned, cloud computing would free them of the need of carrying data and would make it possible to create ultra-light gadgets. Cloud computing would also mean consumers would have access to data round-the-clock...

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Why This School?

What would have happened if I were born in a different culture? This is an interesting question that implies the authentic limitedness of our worldview since we are initially placed within specific cultural frames having little understanding of how it all develops beyond them. As to me, I was pretty...

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Assessment and Grading

IntroductionAssessment involves subjecting students to a series of activities which helps tutors to measure and ascertain student’s level of understanding the course of study. To achieve this, several types of examining techniques are employed, one of them being the use of multiple choice questions. In multiple choice questions, the examiner...

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Montessori in Morocco: A Gateway to Africa

Five years from now, it is likely that mobile technology will have completely revolutionized healthcare. Instead of long wait times, and having to potentially travel long distances, mobile technology will connect patients with the limited number of specialists that are available. It will also streamline the process for doctors and...

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Mobile Phones Should Be Banned From School

The smart phone revolution has changed the world works. More than that, it has changed the way students are educated, and how students interact with one another. Importantly, this presents many questions. While mobile phones have the power to make human beings safer and more knowledgeable, they are also distracting...

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Air Force Officer Training School

I did not really understand the concept of family until I enlisted in the Air Force. My parents frequently engaged in marital conflicts and the financial situation did not help either, especially, after the failure of family business led to financial bankruptcy. Deteriorating financial situation made it difficult for my...

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Civic Engagement

As a volunteer recruiter at the Bishop Museum, the largest museum of science and cultural history in Hawaii, I will specifically focus on the local schools. There are numerous groups of students at these schools that are ideal targets for volunteer recruitment. One group of students is comprised of those...

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Arguing for My Grade

I have never considered myself a great writer. I always found it difficult to put my thoughts on paper and compose rhetoric reasoning for different kinds of papers for my English classes in high school. I never had the self-discipline and determination crucial for success in writing papers; it was...

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