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Peer Mediation for Conflict Resolution in Schools

IntroductionConflict in schools is an issue today, particularly in light of zero tolerance for bullying or violence. Improving this situation cannot be done on a policy basis, and in fact the appropriate response given an educational setting is to teach the students the skills and techniques to resolve conflict before...

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Public School Education in Texas

Public school education in Texas emanated as a course contributed by the early settlers in Texas. The colonial government of Mexicans had failed the nation by not initiating any public school project to the people. When the country gained independence from Mexico, the settlers aired their major grievance as failure...

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Japanese Schooling System

Japanese Schooling System has always been at the forefront in influencing implementation Ikema in the country. The Japanese language was adopted in the country from kindergarten level to the senior level. Strict rules and measures were set to punish those who spoke other languages. Due to the severe Japanese language...

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The Benefits of Christian Classical Education Home Schooling

Home schooling has taken on a whole new meaning over the past decade and has grown considerably in popularity as a viable educational alternative to traditional schooling. This type of schooling has particularly been of great interest to Christians but is available to anyone who is looking for a better...

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Sex Education in Schools

In today’s society, sex and the suggestion of sex is everywhere. Sex is glorified on television shows, movies, and in books. Yet, most of the time, everything works out fine for the people having sex. However, the reality is much different. Youth are getting pregnant at younger ages. Something needs...

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