The most important reason I want to attend the SCIENCE AND MATH ACADEMY is because the school has a curriculum that will help me to achieve my goals and ambitions. I believe I will succeeds with the education I obtain at the school. My current dream is to pursue a medical path, and I am convinced that SMA will be provide the high school experience that I will need to succeed. I plan to contribute actively to the student life in SMA by involving myself with
activities that align with my current ones. I would like to participate in basketball, track and field, swimming, and volleyball. I would also like to be involved in student music and the student government association (SGA). I hope to be a member of the National Honors Society.
I am involved in numerous activities, but the one that means the most to me is basketball. In six grade, I decided to start playing basketball. I realized this was going to be a challenge since I had no experience playing the game. The game of basketball made me to be a better person by teaching me how to work hard and push myself against the odds.. Playing basketball and hard work has also helped my grades improve.
My goal that I have set for myself is to have a good foundation in high school that will prepare me for college and beyond. I tend to enjoy learning new things. I am a forward thinker and I strive to succeed in everything I do. I have realized that if I have to succeed I have to apply myself and aim higher. I have come to understand that every day of my life, I am given opportunities and it is up to me to capitalize on them in order to succeed.

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