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Science History

Research Paper Methodology

The methodology applied to any research endeavors is an important aspect of the project. The methodology must be appropriate for the study to ensure that the results of the study are accurate and pertinent to the subject matter. The purpose of this research is to study the increase of recidivism...

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Oceanography: Upwelling

Upwelling of the oceans is a phenomena with many impacts, not the least of which is the ease with which fisherman can catch fish. This is as the cause of the upwelling phenomena is great winds, and these force the cooler and nutrient rich water from deeper ocean to come...

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The Fallacy of Scientific Objectivity

According to Hilary Lawson, science is a fiction that cannot achieve because he believes there is going to come a time in future when new theories will replace the old ones. The old assumptions will be regarded as superstitious myths by the future generation. She concludes that the things we...

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Science Of The Universe

The science of the universe is a broad and encompassing topic; in a manner all knowledge is contained in the science of the universe. However, for the purposes of this essay, the science of the universe will be limited to a physical explanation our universe. This science involves a crossover...

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Earth’s Hot Spots

Scientists have debated for decades whether the earth’s hot spots are fed by mantle plumes. After years of research and significant advances in technology, scientists think that they have the answer. With the significant use of technology, and keeping of precise records, scientists have found that nearly 30 mantle plumes...

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