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Operant Conditioning and Superstitious Beliefs

Introduction/History Operant conditioning is largely responsible for many modern superstitions. It is a process of learning whereby the consequences of one’s response determine whether a response is likely to be repeated. Building on the research of Thorndike, who developed a puzzle box examining animal behavior, the father of operant conditioning...

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Mt. St. Helen: Example Research Paper on a Volcano

On May 18th 1980, Mt. St. Helen erupted, killing 57 individuals (South Dakota University, 2013). According to the New York Times (2012) the eruption of Mt. St. Helen “was recorded as the deadliest and most economically devastating volcanic event in the history of the United States” (para. 1). A review...

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Validity of Research Study

A study’s validity determines whether it is a useful tool outside of the laboratory setting or whether it is simply something that can be used to draw theoretical conclusions. A highly valid study is one whose results will correlate to the things that are seen in the real world. When...

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Sustainable and Equitable Growth for All

Inequality is an inherent fact of life and has been so for ages. For any society to truly prosper, however, ensuring that the inequalities are mitigated and that the majority in any society can reap the benefits of economic prosperity is crucial for sustainable and equitable growth. In earlier times,...

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Musical Acoustics and Sound Perception

The video titled Musical Acoustics and Sound Perception, is a taped presentation in which Williams College physics professor, Tiku Majumder, gave an insightful picture into the complex beauty that is sound. There are many ways to consider sound. Some people study music, others consider it from a biological or medical...

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