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Black Bodies for Dissection

According to Harriet Washington, black Americans in the mid-19th century were fearful of hospitals and medical schools. They associated these facilities with terror and punishment. Bodies in hospitals were displayed, and they were used for practicing medicine. The terminology changes depending on the person talking about it, but sometimes it...

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The majority of countries in the world use Indian-Arabic numerals in the everyday life. The modern numeral system which uses digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 is called Indian-Arabic as it was probably originated in India and later spread to the West by the medieval scientists who wrote in Arabic. One of such scientists...

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Creativity over Time and Space

SummaryThe article “Creativity over Time Space” by Michel Serafinelli and Tabellini, Guido illustrates that creativity insights are at times difficult to predict, and just when it gets really difficult, your minds immediately jump to a distraction2. For people to get the most out of their creativity, they need to make...

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Controversy Over Time and Space

Although popular culture artifacts reflect social norms, sometimes their effect on society is unpredictable. Fans of Star Trek started writing homoerotic fan fiction about their favorite straight male characters, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has attracted male audience despite targeting young girls. These cultural artifacts have provoked changes...

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The Mind-Body Debate

The mind-body debate addresses one of the oldest philosophical and scientific questions in human history. In very general terms, the debate is between those who view the mind as nothing over-and-above the body (or the brain), and those who think that the mind cannot be merely just another manifestation of...

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