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Science Policy: Genetic Testing

In basic terms, genetic testing refers to clinical processes used to analyze human protein, DNA and RNA. Such tests are used as a means of detecting gene variants associated with disease, and also in nonclinical applications such as paternity testing (Regulation of genetic tests, 2015). At present, three federal agencies...

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Social Change

Historical social problems serve as an experiment to us today, providing us with sound evidence in dealing with current social problems. Today, social problems are heavily influenced by the policies involved and require the conduction of research. One such example to illustrate the importance of research in social problems would...

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Egocentric Cognitive Bias

The mind does not always accurately perceive the environment. There is too much external stimuli for the brain to take in all at once so instead, there are instances in which it jumps to a particular conclusion based on a previously determined mindset. Put more simply, over a lifetime the...

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Science and Society

The United States of America was founded on the concept of religion in two primary functions. The first was the avoidance and the criminalization of religious persecution. In other words, the nation was a safe haven for individuals who chose to believe differently than others. The second religious concept was...

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Analysis Of Energy Sources

The principal aim of the lab test is to investigate energy sources regarding the quantity as well as environmental and health impact. By analyzing the coal and nuclear power sources would help to balance between the benefits as well as environmental hazards for each type of energy source. In general,...

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