Malaria is a big problem in the third world countries. The threat posed by malaria is portrayed by the high prevalence rates of the disease. Asia and Africa have the highest incidence rates of the infections. In order to control and mitigate the prevalence of malaria in the society, it is important to lay out the most appropriate treatment and preemptive measures to manage the condition. The use of the scientific method is one of the most practical and realistic ways that can be used to eradicate malaria (SEED, 2014). The method provides the conceptual framework along which the medical condition and the underlying factors can be identified and managed.
The most crucial of the scientific method is that it uses logical frameworks that seek to lay a procedural approach. All the steps adopted by the scientific method embrace a practical model towards the establishment of information and knowledge about malaria. The scientific method advances very critical issues through experimentation and thus providing a multifaceted approach towards eradicating the medical condition (Green Facts, 2014). The method is developmental in that, one step leads to the establishment of the next step. Therefore, all the steps are very important towards to the establishment of a valid and reliable solution to the problem.

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Reason and intuition are very crucial in the scientific method. These methods can be applied to enhance critical thinking and thus assisting in the generation of the most appropriate inferences from the research results. Critical thinking can also assist in formulating relational and comparative ideologies that can assist in developing viable conclusions from the research findings. The scientific method can assist in eliminating assumptions that are perceived to be universal truths. The errors are eliminated because the scientific method uses practical experimentation that makes use of facts collected from the field. Strategic analysis of the facts by the use of scientific models assist in achieving the results that are used in generating the solutions. By using the scientific method, it is possible to establish the trends from historical facts and finding solutions that are socially and financially valid. Some of the methods of malaria management that can be proposed by the results of the scientific method include the use of drugs for prevention, adoption of mosquito control mechanisms and adoption of malaria vaccines (SEED, 2014).

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