PART IThe United States should be fully protected rather than being secured by locks and borders because they allow illegal crossing and immigration of people into the country. Besides, borders and security locks are passable and may expose the country to terror activities. Criminal statistics increases with increase in unauthorized immigration of people from other states. Additionally, it is typically difficult to fight against drugs by setting security locks and borders to secure the country. The current border security system promotes social vices like corruption in the society. Unauthorized immigration of people into the United States causes job insecurity and increases unemployment. Contrary to that, illegal immigration of people leads to high inflation rates in the country. Finally, immigration increases the levels of poverty in the country.

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The current techniques for securing the United States has contributed to the current immigration challenge in the country. Despite improving methods of securing the borders including increasing the number of patrol agents, the US is still amongst the top global countries that register a high number of illegal immigration of people. Far from that, it is necessary to protect the country adequately because the current security locks and borders increase terror activities in the country. For decades now, a majority of terror activities that have been registered in the American soil are associated with foreigners who are not accounted for in the country.

In addition to that, security border and lock systems also increase criminal statistics in the country. A majority of illegal immigrants who enter the United States barely register with community programs and initiatives in the country. For that reason, they hold high possibilities of participating in criminal activities because the country does not have records of their details. Also, such people cannot register to legal community initiatives for fear that they will be deported back to their countries. Thus, instead of joining the support community efforts, they find it advisable to participate in criminal activities like robbery to earn a living.

Most importantly, the US cannot fully accomplish its goals of fighting drugs in the country with its current border situations. The issue of narcotics is a global concern, and every state has appropriated initiatives to fight against it. Drugs can not only increase crimes in the country, but it also tears families apart amongst other devastating effects. Thus, not unless the current border and security lock situations are addressed, the country will still be miles away from achieving a drug-free society.

Apart from that, the US current border conditions enhance social vices like corruption activities in the country. There are relatively high numbers of border officers who are involved in corruption activities along the US borders. Nevertheless, there is no better way of explaining how the country continues to register a high number of illegal immigration despite the initiatives that have put in place to oversee the situation. Moreover, smuggling of goods into the country essentially occurs due unjust and corrupt practices amongst the border officers who put their interests first at the expense of protecting their country.

Unauthorized immigration of individuals also enhances Job insecurity and unemployment into the US. Perhaps, there are remarkably high numbers of low educated US citizens who tend to lose their jobs to trained and competent individuals from other countries. Furthermore, citizens of other nations tend to settle and occupy the available job vacancies in the country making it difficult for the state to guarantee its graduates and fresh college minds such opportunities. Additionally, illegal immigrants are typically not accounted for the countries plans on the job market. Thus, they make it difficult for the state to make rational decisions regarding its job situations and the challenge of unemployment.

Another argument is that the current border issues in the country have also contributed to increasing in inflation rates in the country. It should be noted that illegal immigrants are consumers of goods and services as well. Thus, they contribute to increasing demand and consumption in the country which leads to a respective rise in the prices of goods and services that are available to the native citizens. Individuals can argue that immigrants boost labor availability thus contributing to decrease in rates of inflation the country. However, once labor has been appropriated for production, consumers will be the next target and the more the consumers, the higher the rate of inflation.

Finally, the current border situations contribute to increasing poverty levels in the country. A majority of illegal immigrants are unproductive thus they do not contribute much to the country’s economic growth. Instead, they depend on community programs and other governmental initiatives to alleviate the standards of living. Thus, not unless the current border system in the country is resolved, it will be entirely difficult to fight poverty.

The government should put initiatives in place to protect the country entirely and help prevent cases of illegal immigration of people and smuggling of goods into the country (Bright, 2010). Besides, there should be a rotational program amongst the concerned officers and stakeholders to ensure that they uphold a high degree of integrity in their undertakings. The country should set strict rules regarding cases of unauthorized immigration rather than just deporting such individuals back to their countries (Development of US Immigration Policy, 2010). There should also be a severe punishment for officers and other border officers who are likely to be found in corruption dealings in the country (Xu, 2010). Additionally, the state should increase its budgetary allocations to border situations to ensure that they meet all the possible challenges that are likely to arise in the process of protecting the country. Finally and most importantly, the state should increase its border survey protocols to ensure that every border situation is under strict and full control (Heyman, 2008).

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