Part 1: Acceptable Use Policy
The AUP is rules set forth to provide safety when using your corporations computer on and off the internet. Several basic rules apply in all companies: only use the computer for company business, do not use offensive language, store photos, music and personal work. When downloading company related work employees must use the virus scan. In fact, make sure the virus scan is operating. IT department has asked us to contact Customer Support to troubleshoot system issues. Do not disrupt other users with your computer. Use the internet with pop up blockers; do not download risky software that could jeopardize the integrity of the network. When emailing others be sure to use netiquette. Each company has their own declaratory statement that must be signed, in order to continue use of their computer and software. This is an annual statement. Unacceptable conduct is subject to termination. The head of the IT department determines Acceptable Use Policy. With the rapidly changing World Wide Web, these meetings take place quarterly. IT collects data monthly. These rules are in place to prevent harassment, and reinforce a positive work place.

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Part II: Security Audit System
The operating system installed is Windows 7, updated from XP. The computer keeps prompting me to upgrade the warranty because it expired. I reported it today, but the IT department has to come to my computer to get rid of it. Java was not running on my computer, and when I downloaded it the Java did not work. I needed to delete and then reload Java. Some remnants existed, and I needed to clean that out by running a Defrag and then a Disk Cleanup. The Defrag warned me that I had a lot of the blue area. Turning off my computer without shutting down properly causes that, as well as, brown outs that spontaneously shut down the electricity in the building. I have MacAfee AntiVirus Plus Version is up-to-date. It has the Security Center, Personal Firewall, SiteAdvisor and Shredder. IT has scheduled scan runs on my computer at night, and I run a scan every time I put a disc, flash drive, or iPad into my USB drive. I did not find any risks, but my scanner found malware last month. I deleted it. I have a user account, and I change the password monthly.

Password mandates are one capital letter, lower case letters, and random numbers. My password strength is strong. I have an administrative account, but I do not have many rights. In my company, the IT department blocked links connected with social media including Facebook and Pinterest. They just allowed YouTube, but they made us watch the UAP video and take the test again. User accounts are password protected, but their passwords are not safe. Their passwords are the same per level. I talked to the IT department about the danger of having users going into each other’s account, and another overhaul of the company’s system will be happening this weekend. All users can change the screensaver, but at 5:00 p.m., the system automatically shuts down computers to save energy. Those wanting to continue working may cancel the shutdown. Most people work from home after 5:00 p.m. The screensavers lock after idle for 15 minutes and I can modify the setting.