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Campus Security Proposal

Campus security is a crucial part of the assurance of safety and a high-quality experience on campus. Given the relatively large size of the Central Texas College campus, it may be difficult for adequate security measures to be in place. Moreover, there are numerous locations on campus that are not...

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Campus Security

Campus security is an ever-growing need. Where once, there was little chance of bomb threats and mass shootings, now it seems that students are growing more and more aware the possibility that it could happen on their campus. These threats are still relatively rare. Given the amount of schools there...

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Physical Security

The issue of physical security addresses various actions, which an officer in charge can take so as to protect, assess property, and buildings against any introducers. When one opts to implement physical security that protects the perimeter of a wall or a building, the three level that needs protection include...

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Private Security Defense Contractors

Private security defense contractors refer to organizations or companies that merge security groups such as the military and law enforcement units. In the United States, these private contractors, which include companies such as the Triple Canopy, Olive Group, or Academy formerly Blackwater companies play a significant role in the maintenance...

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Data Information and Knowledge: Smart Home Systems

The purpose of this paper is to analyze and provide recommendations on an article discussing smart home system technology. According to Jager, Phan, & Nadschlager (2016), in their article, “The trustworthiness of data in smart homes,” the following issues are increasingly relevant in modern society: The use of smart-home systems...

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