Mark Charles Good, LLC. is exactly what one might imagine a diversity training organization to be. It covers non-profit organizations and government services (Mark). It promises not to be polarizing or accusatory, but instead fun and interactive (Mark). Of everything else on the website, this promise is the most suspicious. A company designed with the sole purpose of promoting diversity should not have to promise not to be polarizing. A plus is that diversity training sessions are always customized for the target audience (Services). Mark Charles Good, LLC. features several generic training session options.
A session might focus on what diversity is and how to make it work, or only focus on how to best utilize and work through diversity (Services). Overall, the description does not make the concept of diversity sound glamorous, but in fact makes diversity sound like an obstacle which must be worked through. Another training session examines the subtle difference between valuing diversity and being diverse (Services). The course challenges companies to actually appreciate diversity rather than begrudgingly going through with it. Overall, Mark Charles Good, LLC. is not the ideal candidate, as the spirit of the company is not in appreciating diversity.

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The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond is a small organization of a little more than forty people (Undoing). Rather than putting on diversity training for the sake of a checkmark on a list of required training sessions, this company begins from a passionate place and seeks to truly change how each person thinks about race and racism. Rather than focusing on the positivity of diversity, The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond takes apart the very concept of racism, asking how it originates, how it operates, what causes it to thrive, and through this information, how it can be taken down (Undoing). Further on, the training asks each person how racism personally affects them, and how they feel racism affects their environment, minority people, and America (Programs). By taking apart the institution of racism, The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond seeks to leave seminars with no racism to struggle against. The people then attempt to build up from a place without racism, practicing dialogue and role-play before developing a strategy for themselves as a company (Programs). The idea of calling on The People’s Institute For Survival and Beyond is certainly a viable one. This company seeks to do something far beyond discussing the benefits of diversity. The only significant downside is that the company is relatively untested. It remains a small but highly innovative startup which might succeed brilliantly and might not.

The International MultiCultural Institute is the largest of the three. It works with a large range of clients such as not-for-profits, healthcare, education, government, and small business (National). This means that the International MultiCultural Institute is an applicable option for my company. While it is rather large and therefore successful, it did undergo a recent merge at the beginning of 2013 (National). This means that the new setup is somewhat untested, but the foundation is solid nonetheless. Because of its international size, the idea of iMCL teaching multicultural communication is more viable. Trainers likely have direct or indirect experience working with people from different cultures. Also, compared to Mark Charles Good, LLC., it is clear that the heart is in the right place.

The International MultiCultural Institute demonstrates an honest passion for empowering difference through its international work in Africa, meanwhile utilizing the flashy modern technology that only a large, successful company can afford (National). Specifically, iMCL puts on webinars and uses 3D virtual reality (Diversity). It also promises to custom-design each training session, using stories that the employees, themselves, provide (Diversity). Overall, the International MultiCultural Institute is the best fit, and the most ideal company to handle the diversity training.

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