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Self Reflection

Personal Leadership Vision Paper

Above all, I believe that I am a competent motivator. I am quick to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of my team members and put them in the best positions to succeed or learn, in certain circumstances. As a motivator, I seek to encourage others to work harder and take...

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Leadership Assessment

In order to conduct an assessment of my leadership skills, I completed Leadership Legacy Assessment Test. According to the results of Leadership Legacy Assessment Test, I was classified as an authoritative delegative leader. In the past, authoritative type of leadership was considered to be the most effective. However, modern theoretical...

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Lifelong Learning for Professional Development

The concept of lifelong learning is already a part of who I am as an individual so the notion of incorporating them into my professional life is a given. However, incorporating the notion into my professional life requires more thought since it should, in my opinion, be applied deliberately and...

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Middle Adulthood

Just as the transition from adolescence to young adulthood required adjusting my approach to life, so too will the adjustment into middle adulthood. While young adulthood is likely considered the physical peak of one’s life, middle adulthood is the prime of one’s life. What individuals in middle adulthood lose in...

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My First College English Class

I began my first college English class at Fresno City College. The main purpose of the class was to introduce college freshmen to the structure and mechanics of academic writing. On my first day of class, my instructor likened learning the structure of academic writing to understanding the sonata form...

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