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Self Reflection

Strength and Weakness

In my opinion, I have numerous strengths that the company will benefit from, but my biggest strength of all is teamwork and communication. While I think that knowledge of one’s respective field is important, I understand that having effective teamwork and communication skills is what really makes workers successful and...

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Learning From Failure

My parents have strong work ethics, thus, they have always expected their children to work hard, too and excel in whatever they do. I have known since a young age that my parents have high expectations from me which may explain my competitive nature. I am always in competitive spirit...

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Values Reflection Paper

In reflecting on my core values, a dilemma arises in identifying them as such. More exactly, such values are so deeply ingrained within us, we usually do not consciously consider them. Making the effort, however, reveals several basics to me, all of which are related to one another. Beyond any...

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Leadership Style Self-Assessment

According to the leadership style self-assessment, I was of a delegative style of leadership. Understanding one’s style of leadership, the different ways in which certain theories align with that style, and the types of work environments and actions that are most conducive to such a style of leadership allows one...

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Self Assessment On Taking a Course

Until taking this course, I did not think much about the specific development of my interpersonal relationships. I especially did not consider that there may be specific ways to address interpersonal conflict. It seemed to me initially that conflicts are haphazard interactions between two people and that they, certainly, did...

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