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Self Reflection

Self Assessment Of Career Prospects

One’s career is highly dependent on the attitudes that one possesses as well as one’s personal attributes. The attitudes and attributes determine the things that one values most as well as the interactions that one develops in the society. The attitudes also determine the way that one handles different situations...

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During my teenage years, I did not think of becoming a parent, neither did I know how it felt to have someone call you ‘mum' each and every day. However, as we all know, teenage years are the time when youths decide to explore on various issues such as indulging...

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In this class, I have gained tremendous skills especially in research paper writing about contemporary world issues. Through the various writing skills I learned during the class, I have learned how to identify a topic and carry out an extensive research about it by use of various academic materials from...

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My Selfie, Myself Rhetorical Analysis

The topic that will be discussed in this analysis is selfies. The advent of social networks has made it easy for people to share their images with their friends and loved ones. The article that has been chosen for this rhetorical analysis is titled “My Selfie, Myself.” This article was...

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Who Am I As A Writer?

I have been writing for as long as I have been in school. I still remember my earliest writing assignments which involved copying alphabets from the book on to a piece of paper. Eventually, my assignments moved to simple essays which usually involved describing some object such as a house....

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