In today’s society, sex and the suggestion of sex is everywhere. Sex is glorified on television shows, movies, and in books. Yet, most of the time, everything works out fine for the people having sex. However, the reality is much different. Youth are getting pregnant at younger ages. Something needs to be done to counteract this. I feel that one way to do this is to start educating children at a young age. Starting to educate youth when they are 9 years old is a good place to start. While some people feel that this is too young of an age, kids today know more than what we think that they do. It is better that youth are given the facts by teachers and parents versus other kids. Abstinence should be promoted as the best option for youth. Pre-adolescents and teenagers are not emotionally ready for sexual activity, the maturity needed to be in a committed relationship lacking in this age group. Yet, it is also unrealistic to think that every youth will engage in abstinence. Therefore, not only should pregnancy facts and stages of pregnancy be taught to youth, contraception methods also need to be taught to young people. These birth control methods include condoms, the birth control pill, the Deprovera shot, the Nova ring, etc. It also an educator’s responsibility to let youth know that no birth control method is full proof against pregnancy or disease. However, using a condom needs to be promoted as a primary birth control method, since it also offers the best protection against HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases, something the other birth control methods will not do. It is also a good idea to have young men and women who became parents as young teenagers to come in and talk to youth in schools. Hearing personal stories can help young people get a real life perspective on how teenage pregnancy can greatly change one’s life.

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