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Sexual Libido

Sexual libido is a multi-faceted phenomenon that is influenced by various factors, such as hormones, age, stress, medication, and gender. Low sexual libido does not usually mean that two people have fallen out of love with one another and are not attracted to one another. On the contrary, low sex...

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Sexist Scenes from Science Films

It is interesting that a wide range of films related to science share a common element; namely, sexism is evident in the narratives, and sexism encouraged by the realities of the patriarchal cultures and corporate entities consistently demeaning and/or objectifying women. Moreover, this is by no means an overt theme....

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The Compatibility of Transgender Restrooms, Safety, and Ethics

1) My view on the recognition of transgender people is not entirely clear, I must admit. There are a large number of questions I do not have the answer to, nor does anyone else it seems to me. For one, is there any legitimacy to the notion that a person’s...

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Sex and Intimacy

My own perceptions of sexuality have been influenced by various aspects of my family background and upbringing. I have had a fairly typical upbringing in some ways, but in other ways I have had an atypical experience. Overall, I sense that I have developed a healthy understanding of sexuality that...

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Intoxicated Unprotected Sex

The college years, for many, are a period of risk-taking and experimentation. At residential colleges and universities, many students are away from parental supervision for the first time in their lives, and so this period in their lives is one of unchecked freedom. Many people go through a “wild phase”...

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