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Sexual Libido

Sexual libido is a multi-faceted phenomenon that is influenced by various factors, such as hormones, age, stress, medication, and gender. Low sexual libido does not usually mean that two people have fallen out of love with one another and are not attracted to one another. On the contrary, low sex...

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Sexist Scenes from Science Films

It is interesting that a wide range of films related to science share a common element; namely, sexism is evident in the narratives, and sexism encouraged by the realities of the patriarchal cultures and corporate entities consistently demeaning and/or objectifying women. Moreover, this is by no means an overt theme....

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The Compatibility of Transgender Restrooms, Safety, and Ethics

1) My view on the recognition of transgender people is not entirely clear, I must admit. There are a large number of questions I do not have the answer to, nor does anyone else it seems to me. For one, is there any legitimacy to the notion that a person’s...

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Sex and Intimacy

My own perceptions of sexuality have been influenced by various aspects of my family background and upbringing. I have had a fairly typical upbringing in some ways, but in other ways I have had an atypical experience. Overall, I sense that I have developed a healthy understanding of sexuality that...

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Intoxicated Unprotected Sex

The college years, for many, are a period of risk-taking and experimentation. At residential colleges and universities, many students are away from parental supervision for the first time in their lives, and so this period in their lives is one of unchecked freedom. Many people go through a “wild phase”...

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Human Sexuality Course Reflection

To be honest, walking into class at the beginning of semester I felt interested, yet, a little bit uncomfortable about discussing sexuality in class. However, over the course of semester, the topics we covered, the materials we read, the discussions we had, and personal reflections I had made me more...

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50 Shades Of Grey

Coffee scene from the perspective of Christian GreyThe unpleasant anger I feel toward the photographer and the guy at the hardware store begins to subside with each soft ‘no’ she utter s as we walk down the hall of the hotel after the photo shoot. I won’t admit it’s jealousy...

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Prostitution Essay: Women’s Lived Experiences of Prostitution

Research Problem In the United States, the issue of sex trafficking has recently come to the forefront of public debate. While there are no hard statistics on the prevalence of this phenomenon, it is very clear that women who find themselves in this underground market have exceptionally high rates of...

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Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

This is a sample essay on teenage pregnancy, created by the top writing professionals. Take a look at this example and learn to tackle it with ease! As teen pregnancy rates continue to rise among adolescents in American society, there is an urgent need for more prevention programs and interventions....

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Teen Pregnancy Essay

The first thing the teen sees in the eyes of the parents after telling them about the pregnancy is devastation. They are shocked and frightened that this is the end of their child’s carefree life. The parents ask themselves: Where did we go wrong? Could we raise our child better?...

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Let’s Talk About Sex: USA and the Netherlands

In this essay, I will review a documentary film by James Houston, Let’s Talk About Sex. I compare the cultural attitudes and approaches between the youth in America and the youth in Netherlands, namely that sex happens. I contrast the cultural attitudes and approaches to sexual discussion based on different...

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“Mating” by Norman Rush

Reading the reviews of the 1991 novel “Mating” by Norman Rush, it turned out that some critics tend to view it as “a feminist manifesto of sorts” (Gaffigan, 2009). Once interviewed about the essence of his controversial characters in “Mating”, Norman Rush, too, admitted to the narrator’s feminist convictions. In...

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Sexually Transmitted Infections – Health Considerations

The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was conducted in 1932 by the Public Health Service and involved the participation of 600 African American men without their informed consent for study participation (CDC, 2017). The study lasted until 1972 when information on the study was made public...

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The Need for Sexual Education in High Schools

The debate about whether or not sexual education should be formally taught in high schools has been an ongoing conflict about the roles of the education system versus the roles of parents in society. Few would argue that parents should attempt to educate their children as much as possible, but...

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the Challenge of Decreasing Multi-Drug Resistance

According to Whiley et al. (2012) in their article “The ticking time bomb: escalating antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a public health disaster in waiting,” the recent isolation of F89 and H041 Neisseria gonorrhea strains in Japan and France, respectively, underscores the urgency of finding a solution to drug...

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Sex Survey

Discussion Question 1 The benefits of sex surveys as a method of data collection include: possibility to collect data from large samples that represent wide and diverse populations; possibility to collect data about participants’ private behaviour; they provide opportunity for data collection where other methods cannot be applied (e.g. observation)...

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Gynecologic Conditions

The patient is a female who is 32 years old. Having had painful periods for three years coupled with painful intercourse, a retroverted uterus, with nodules along the cul de sac, she could be experiencing a case of endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or pelvic adhesions (Signorile & Baldi, 2015). The...

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Sexual Perceptions of Georgia O’Keefe

Despite common misconceptions about the sexuality of her work, Georgia O’Keefe was adamant that her artistic muse was nature, not sex. The abstract nature of many of O’Keefe’s pieces led critics to interpretation, however it seems that her husband’s photography was the actual root of the incorrect perception of sexuality....

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Healthy Parental Massage v. Sexual Abuse

Parent-to-child body massage has been recommended for the treatment of several childhood ailments, including anxiety, attachment issues, and even sexual abuse (Powell & Cheshire 141). Some people believe that parents should change the way they touch their children when the child reaches a certain age. Full body massage for a...

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Gender Identity

In recent years, there has been an increased interest into the study of gender identity theories. This interest has recognized the growing recognition that individuals have a fundamental right to express who they are without fear of discrimination from society. A number of gender identity theories have developed as a...

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