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Let’s Talk About Sex: USA and the Netherlands

In this essay, I will review a documentary film by James Houston, Let’s Talk About Sex. I compare the cultural attitudes and approaches between the youth in America and the youth in Netherlands, namely that sex happens. I contrast the cultural attitudes and approaches to sexual discussion based on different...

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“Mating” by Norman Rush

Reading the reviews of the 1991 novel “Mating” by Norman Rush, it turned out that some critics tend to view it as “a feminist manifesto of sorts” (Gaffigan, 2009). Once interviewed about the essence of his controversial characters in “Mating”, Norman Rush, too, admitted to the narrator’s feminist convictions. In...

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Sexually Transmitted Infections – Health Considerations

The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was conducted in 1932 by the Public Health Service and involved the participation of 600 African American men without their informed consent for study participation (CDC, 2017). The study lasted until 1972 when information on the study was made public...

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The Need for Sexual Education in High Schools

The debate about whether or not sexual education should be formally taught in high schools has been an ongoing conflict about the roles of the education system versus the roles of parents in society. Few would argue that parents should attempt to educate their children as much as possible, but...

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the Challenge of Decreasing Multi-Drug Resistance

According to Whiley et al. (2012) in their article “The ticking time bomb: escalating antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoeae is a public health disaster in waiting,” the recent isolation of F89 and H041 Neisseria gonorrhea strains in Japan and France, respectively, underscores the urgency of finding a solution to drug...

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