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Sex Survey

Discussion Question 1 The benefits of sex surveys as a method of data collection include: possibility to collect data from large samples that represent wide and diverse populations; possibility to collect data about participants’ private behaviour; they provide opportunity for data collection where other methods cannot be applied (e.g. observation)...

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Gynecologic Conditions

The patient is a female who is 32 years old. Having had painful periods for three years coupled with painful intercourse, a retroverted uterus, with nodules along the cul de sac, she could be experiencing a case of endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or pelvic adhesions (Signorile & Baldi, 2015). The...

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Sexual Perceptions of Georgia O’Keefe

Despite common misconceptions about the sexuality of her work, Georgia O’Keefe was adamant that her artistic muse was nature, not sex. The abstract nature of many of O’Keefe’s pieces led critics to interpretation, however it seems that her husband’s photography was the actual root of the incorrect perception of sexuality....

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Healthy Parental Massage v. Sexual Abuse

Parent-to-child body massage has been recommended for the treatment of several childhood ailments, including anxiety, attachment issues, and even sexual abuse (Powell & Cheshire 141). Some people believe that parents should change the way they touch their children when the child reaches a certain age. Full body massage for a...

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Gender Identity

In recent years, there has been an increased interest into the study of gender identity theories. This interest has recognized the growing recognition that individuals have a fundamental right to express who they are without fear of discrimination from society. A number of gender identity theories have developed as a...

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