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SMIFT and the Challenge of Assessing Sex Morals

Raymond Belliotti’s (1993) Sexual Morality in Five Tiers, or SMIFT, is a complicated system on the issue of sexual morality. In basic terms, SMIFT is based on the subjective realities of individuals, so to use SMIFT as a tool to evaluate the given scenario of a man who may or...

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Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Disease in Young Adult

Young adults in Metro Atlanta, Georgia, are estimated to account for a half of the 20,000,000 new sexually transmitted diseases that occur in the U.S. annually (CDC, 2015). These data suggest the immediate need to develop and introduce an efficient STDs prevention program, directed at young adults, paying special attention...

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Case Analysis: Gender Discrimination

Abstract The issue of different treatment of people from different genders receive continues to be one of the hottest topics. Many companies have faced long term consequences due to failure of observing fairness in their remuneration ad treatment between men and women in their organisations. The case of Ledbetter v....

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HIV in South Africa

In South Africa, HIV and AIDS have wreaked havoc on the population causing infection and subsequent death on a large scale. Compared to other countries in the world, South Africa has among one of the highest prevalence of HIV/AID infection topping off at around 20.1% or greater in sub-Saharan Africa...

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Relationship between Social Cognitive Theory and Sexual Risk Behavior and HIV in African-American women

The social cognitive theory involves the use of individual knowledge acquisition that is directly associated with the different quotas of the context related to social experiences, interactions and outside the broadcasting influence. There is always a relationship between sexually risk behavior and HIV prevalence in any community. This paper looks...

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