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Female Genital Mutilation in the Middle East Culture

Many people are horrified when they learn about a barbaric practice that it is commonly carried out on female infants and young girls in cultures throughout the Middle East. It is known as female genital mutilation or FGM, a surgery on females’ genitalia or “private parts” that is not medically...

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Sexuality and Age in “When a Man Loves a Woman”

Eimi Yamada’s story, “When a Man Loves a Woman,” is not one that is about sex or love, but rather about a woman’s awakening of self. On the surface, the story is about a woman who meets a younger man on a trip to Florida. She is telling the story...

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50 Shades of Dull Grey

50 Shades of Grey was exciting, but not nearly as much so as promised by all of the hype. As a self-respecting man, of course, I have never read the decidedly female-aimed novel, nor its sequels, but I decided to give the film version a shot, anyway, and frankly, I...

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California Natality Rates

This document shall summarize the natality sex ratios for the state of California for the years 1995-2002. The sex ratios will be categorized under the following races respectively: American Indian, African American, Chinese, and Caucasian. The sex ratios will also be sub-categorized further by year and ratio, in which male...

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Treatment Compliance and Family Support in HIV Infected African American Women

HIV/AIDS is considered to be one of the deadliest viruses in the world. It has no cure, and it is transmitted through ways several ways (Lombe and Ochumbo, 2017). Over the years, HIV/AIDS has led to the death of hundreds of thousands of peoples in America and other countries. One...

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