In this day in age, I feel that sexuality and types of families have greatly expanded. Sexuality includes lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and heterosexual individuals, as well as other newer modern terms such as pansexual and gender queer. Some people also prefer to not be labeled at all in terms of their sexuality. In terms of family, what was once considered normal as a family who was headed by a husband and wife, has now become varied. Families are now headed by gay men, lesbian mothers, and transgendered men and women. While this has created much political and religious backlash, in terms of conservative groups who feel that being anything other than heterosexual is wrong, the truth is that many different families exist.

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After conducting some research on the internet, I found some web sources that are devoted to and accepting of different sexual orientations. The Family Equality Council’s website focuses on LGBT families. The websites offers a wide variety of resources, such as articles that pertain to same-sex marriage, coming out, discrimination, and LGBT adoption, including the recent article “Same-sex couples in Texas face obstacles in marriage, raising families.” The article states how two gay men, who are raising their daughter Hannah, are still not recognized as husbands in the state of Texas. I find it sad and unfair that in today’s world, gay people still have to fight for the right to be married and to be legally recognized as spouses .

I found the topic of transgendered individuals to be interesting and feel empathy that they are often subjected to discrimination and hate crimes. The Human Rights Campaign’s website, which is devoted to LGBT equality, has a section devoted to transgendered individuals. The section focuses on how to come out, myths about being transgendered, health insurance in the workplace, and anti-violence campaign to protect transgendered people . I feel that this is a helpful resource for transgendered individuals to have, as they need support, equality, and to feel as if they are also important members of society.

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