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How Schools Should Be Safer

The nation is closely watching the Parkland students who are leading the campaign for safer schools including sensible gun control regulations. Whatever one’s opinions may be on gun control, one should respect the fact that the students are marching for a noble cause. It is clear there is no single...

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Arming of Teachers

American school shootings are dramatically on the rise. According to The Statistics Portal (2018), there have been over 290 school shootings in the country since 2013. Statistics also indicate that in 2018, there have been over 17 school shootings since the year began (The Statistics Portal, 2018). There is no...

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March for our Lives

The Parkland shooting seems to have struck a nerve amongst the majority of the population. In other shootings, typically people cared only for a couple weeks until that shooting was all but forgotten. But for some reason, this shooting has stuck in the minds of adults, and that is what...

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Are Mass Shootings on the Rise?

It is hard to deny that currently, mass shootings continue to be in the highlight of the social issues that perpetrate the peaceful existence of many societies, affecting many countries worldwide. When it comes to the case of United States, one of the most famous massacres that happened at the...

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Mass Shooting Annotated Bibliography

Bushman, B. J. (2018). Narcissism, fame seeking, and mass shootings. American Behavioral Scientist, 62(2), 229-241. This scholarly source is related to the discussion of the profile of people who are likely to become mass shooters, analyzing psychological characteristics that are not related to the typical features such as low self-esteem...

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Discussion Post: Mass Shootings

A recent US Department of Justice and US Department of Education report describes statistics relating to school violence and crime which includes the mortality rate (Robers, Zhang, Truman, & Snyder, 2012). There were 33 student, staff, and non-student deaths at school in the 2009 to 2010 school year, of which...

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Officer Shootings

Shootings of police officers have become more prominent in the news in the last few years, but the officers are rarely prosecuted—even when it is quite clear that the shootings were not justified, and (what is most common) they occurred largely because the victim was African American. This paper will...

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School Shootings Case Study

When looking at the responses to these particular inquiries from the facilitator, there are a few different categories that could be used. To group these things together, one can use a combination of inductive and deductive reasoning. There are some differences and some similarities among the responses, and they are...

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How to Reduce Shootings

How to Reduce Shootings is Nicholas Kristof’s editorial article in the New York Times that suggests numerous approaches to tackling the unprecedented rate of gun violence in the United States. Kristoff has not only deduced his findings from quantitative research but also encapsulated qualitative analysis related research reports in explaining...

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Emergency Planning: Columbine High School Shooting Incident

April 20, 1999, at around 11:19 am, was the fateful day that two teenagers, Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado (Austin, 2003). They arrived in separate vehicles and walked into the school cafeteria. They placed two duffel bags on...

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Emergency Planning: the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School

The shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut shocked the nation in a way that prior school shootings had not. People were shaken by the image of six and seven-year-old students being gunned down in a place that they considered completely safe. The crime raised many issues regarding...

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