From time to time, we all live through unlucky days in our lives. The same experience happened with me during a rather unsuccessful shopping trip. I was late to receive seasonal discount, the color of sneakers was not the one I wanted, and I had trouble of convincing the sales director about allowing the discount.

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It had all started right from the early morning when the alarm clock buzzed an hour earlier before my usual wake-up time. I woke up at 6:30 instead of 7:30 as usual with headache that promised nothing good. I tried to get asleep anew but without any success. It was Saturday, and there was no need to wake up in such an ungodly hour. However, that Saturday was special while Nike promised 60% seasonal discount for their new collection of brand sportswear available in the nearest Wal-Mart.

At 9:30, I arrived to the supermarket and headed towards the Nike’s area that was still closed for half an hour. At 10:00, when it finally opened, I was deeply disappointed when I could not find rosy sneakers Nike had advertised for over a month. Instead, the pair fitting my size was light blue. After I had I put it on, I found that the price was $240 instead of promised $80 (including 60% seasonal discount). The sales manager told me that the last discount day was yesterday and they could not sell the pair at a discount price. That message came as real disappointment to me and took me aback.

I did not know what I should do next while the sneakers suited me perfectly well. Even though, they were of other color than the one I preferred, I still thought of purchasing the pair. I tried to ask the sales manager about any possibility of cutting off the price, after which he had kindly sent me to the Nike’s sales director at Wal-Mart. While the sales manager seemed polite and rather sympathetic with my problem, the sales director seemed rather pragmatic and unemotional. He said that in line with the corporate policy, the company could not extend the discount period under any circumstances. In response, I tried to explain that Friday was rather busy day for me and I could not reach Wal-Mart yesterday. The director said that yesterday they had too many shoppers for their new collection, and that the rules are equal to everyone. The director told me that they did not have any pairs left in any of the Nike’s locations countrywide. The options available online are much more expensive. I thanked him and left his office with my head bowed in despair. Afterwards, I sat for a while thinking about my final choice. I dreamt about that exact pair for a long time and now came the day I was to make my final decision. Finally, I purchased it against all odds. I believe, this brand-new Nikes will help me take on jogging in the morning.

Even though my shopping trip turned out unsuccessful, I am proud to wear Nike’s sneakers from the newest 2015 collection. While I dreamt of different color and so huge discount, I am still proud to wear the sneakers of my dream. Unfortunately, the whole day turned into disaster right from the very beginning, nonetheless, I am proud to wear the coolest Nikes on Earth and jog in them every morning. While my shopping experience was almost a failure, I would like to take it philosophically. I will always feel proud of my choice and would never regret it!