The universe is indeed significant in the Taoism religion as it goes on to explain in great detail how it was formed and the principles and energies that underlie its function and origin. Taoism recognizes that all facets of the universe are subject to similar physical laws and theories. For this reason, the physical laws and theories of the material universe are pertinent to the spiritual universe. Taoism is a comprehensive science, and an understanding of Taoism leads to the total understanding of the whole material and immaterial universe.

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According Taoism, the whole universe is an alternation of the forces of Yin and Yang (Fisher 111). To explain Yin and Yang with regard to the universe, it is important to imagine the state of pure being that came before the creation of the world. A reasonable alternative thought was that Yang was the contributory, lively, inventive principle-life. Yin is the consequential passive, negative, principle-death (Fisher 111). Therefore, the universe is an alternation of the forces of Yin and Yang (Fisher 111).

In the same way that seeds cannot germinate in spring if they were not affected by winter, human beings cannot appreciate warmth if it has never been cold. They cannot appreciate their happiness if they have never been sad. So, Yin and Yang can never exist separately from each other. They are both different sides of a similar coin; both are continually acting together and transform each other (Fisher 112). All activities that are inherently Yin end in the acknowledgment of all that is Yang. The inseparable dualism of Yin and Yang is present in everything in the universe. Yin and Yang represent every thinkable pair of opposite things or events; growth and decay, birth and death, sickness and health. Everything on earth that is born must one day die, and all that grows must at some point decay (Fisher 112). Whatever is Yin today is fated to become Yang in the future.

Another significance of the universe according to Taoism is inner alchemy. Inner alchemy is the effort to go back to the source-Tao (Fisher 116). It entails a regular processing of one’s Jing-Qi- Shen (Fisher 116). Inner Alchemy helps people to understand themselves better, the universe that they are a part of, and individual purpose in life (Fisher 116). In Taoism, there are prearranged practices concerning the acquisition of harmony with nature (Fisher 116). Inner alchemy is founded on the customary theory of Jing-Qi-Shen. Tao (spirit) generates Qi (soul) which generates Jing; Jing generates the body (Xing) which is the generational succession according to Taoism. The aim of inner alchemy is to return to the original state.

According to Christianity, the universe is significant because God put the earth in a very deliberate position to support the lives of humans and all other living things. Since God loves people, it was by His Divine design that he made the universe habitable for their sake. He also positioned the earth where it is so that humans may marvel at the beauty of the universe. The beauty of the universe in this case is its enormity and the numerous stars.

The infinity of the universe also serves to remind humans that they are insignificant in the eyes of God and that they are made significant through his mercies only. Therefore, God made the universe infinite for humans to get a glimpse of the nature of God which is also infinity.

The immensity of the heavens draws attention to how small human beings are compared to God in thought, intelligence and intention. It helps Christians to put their trust in God because if he can create such a large self-sustaining universe, He is definitely able to take care of humans. God also uses the infinity of the universe to enable Christians to comprehend the extent of His love for His people. In biblical analogy, God’s love for mankind is greater than the billions of light years that separate the earth from the galaxies. It gives humanity a sense of comfort and security that the love of God is enough to last more than one hundred lifetimes for one human being.

A Christian’s inability to grasp the vastness of the universe is God’s way of emphasizing spiritual truths. It shows the extent of God’s forgiveness and faithfulness to mankind. When God forgives sin, he does not remember it. The greatness of the universe asserts this promise in the sense that of one cannot wrap their mind around the universe; they in turn cannot wrap their mind around God’s goodness. The design of the universe is complex and unlimited. It is highly intelligent and put together intricately. Therefore, man is reminded that their understanding is limited but God’s is not. It helps Christians put even more faith and trust in God and to exercise humility before the one that knows all.

Ultimately, the universe is a revelation of the nature of God to Christians. It speaks of the magnitude of his greatness and infallibility. There is not one pattern, process, or structure that is out of tune in the universe. It is used to teach Christians lessons about who they are and how they should relate to Him. God was willing to give up his son to die on the cross or humans to be saved from their sins (Fisher 186). Hence, the universe was nothing compared to this sacrifice and that he created earth specially for human beings’ fulfillment. The universe is a testament to mankind’s importance to God.