In my opinion, Job’s love of simplicity made him a great leader. Do you know a product of any other company that is worth sleeping outside of the store in a queue a few days before the start of the sales? His famous words are that people have other things to do rather than thinking about how to make their devices work. Every invention he was working on had such a simple interface that every stoned first-year student could figure out how to use it. Even a two-year-old child knows how to unlock iPad and launch their favorite game. Steve Jobs knew that to make something simple you need to have strong knowledge in it, understand all the challenges, think deep and find an easy and elegant solution. He and his crew designed iPod so that you can get anywhere with three clicks. And if you need more complex functions, you can use the computer for this. Steve Jobs found his soul mate Jony Ive, who shared his views on the design of the products. One of the ideas that they came up with was getting rid of on/off button. The shocking idea at first became a commercial success. The story about Xerox’ three-button mouse is another example of his strive for simplicity. He made his software so easy that one could just buy a one-button mouse 20 times cheaper than Xerox’ and get the same functionality on their computer. However, in my opinion, the simplest and most amazing things he has ever created were the Atari games. The manual always consisted of only a few words, for example, Star Trek: Insert the coin and avoid Klingons. Not a single person in the world could misunderstand such instructions. Despite being simple, it was one of the most popular entertainments of that time, just like all Job’s creations. Simplicity in design hides the thorough understanding of what he is doing. This made him one of the greatest inventors of the United States.

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