Simulation modeling software applications have gained in popularity. They can used in the workplace to help solve problems and predict how changes will affect the future of an organization. However, they vary in terms of costs, main features, and the type of training that is needed.
The Enterprise Portfolio Simulator (EPS) is one of these software products. This type of software application is used to predict the performance of project portfolios, as well as pinpointing risks that are related to schedule, finances, and resources. Through a virtual reality type set-up, these risks are then reduced by applying some scenario planning to the situation. More projects can then be placed inside the portfolio, these projects still finished in a timely manner in a way that fits the organization.

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EPS makes decision making easier as the application prioritizes which projects need to be completed first, while still evaluating financial and resources constraints and available staffing. By dragging and dropping and a competing-objective optimizer, the maximum amount of projects is placed into the computerized portfolio. Training for EPS offers some flexibility. For instance, online, YouTube training, and webinars are available. Certification programs, classroom training, and training tutorials are also options for EPS training. The cost of EPS software is around $250 dollars .

Another application is Med Model software. This type of software is applicable to the health care industry. The program simulates the clinical environment from CAD files, value stream maps, and process simulator models. Instead of guessing what may happen if a change is made, Med Model offers it users a chance to see the possible outcome of various changes. The software will show effects of an action in a certain clinical area. The model can help to solve issues as patient flow bed management, how to design the facility, reduced productivity, and how to plan for transitions. In addition to this, the Med Model can help to figure out future staffing requirements, preparing for emergencies, and equipment planning. Training requirements are the same as EPS, users able to train via online, YouTube training, and webinars. Certification programs, classroom training, and training tutorials are also available. Interesting, there is not a set cost for med Model. A free price quote can be given based on specialty, Med Model services that are needed, and amount of physicians in a health network .

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