Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an anonymous poem that was written Ca 1340-1400 in Midlands England and is considered one of the best pieces in Middle English literature. The poem is a story that describes knightly deeds, wild landscapes and sexual enticement. Gawain is a knight at the court of King Arthur. Gawain is the most noble of all knights and he is an epitome of courage, respect and morality that should be emulated by others.
One of the tests of his courageous character can be seen when he arrives at the Bercilak’s court. The people in this ceremony are honored to have Gawain as one of the guests. This is because of the stature that Gawain has as the most honored of all knights in the world. On the other hand, Gawain describes himself as young and untested.

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The people in the ceremony whisper to one another that Gawain’s “courage is ever-constant”. This shows the consistency with which Gawain approaches issues and the manner in which his life can influence other people to be disciplined.

The other way in which his courage is tested is when he stays at the Hautdesert castle. He stays here for three days when the lady in the host’s house pursues him in order to destroy his character. Gawain is courageous enough to stop the advances of this lady. In this instance, he is polite enough. The woman wants Gawain to “kiss her as accords with the conduct of courteous knights.” However, Gawain does not fall to these advances and lives to maintain his moral character.

In conclusion, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is an anonymous poem that describes the life of Gawain. The analysis has shown how Gawain was courageous and disciplined to the extent that he could maintain his morality in all instances. This is an important lesson to all persons irrespective of their social class that they should strive to maintain their respect.