As Eric Clarke describes in his article Six Songs of Me: Just why music matters so much to us …, the impacts of music on our lives and also our personas are profound (Clarke, 2012). Reading the article, it became apparent to me that music has always been a bit of a crutch to the way I celebrate and reflect in both happy and sad moments of my life. Indeed, as Clarke states, this impact music has had on me is unique because of the way music impacts us on a subconscious, emotional, mental, and, at times, spiritual level, which is profound. In the following paper, I will reflect on six songs with which my life’s effects surround and share their meaning not only to myself but what might also strike other individuals as profound to the meaning behind these songs.
To begin with, having been born in the throes of the 21st century, specifically the late 1990s, I certainly cannot sit here and write that the first record I owned and listened to was ever a true vintage classic. Instead, the first record I owned was actually a song that went on vinyl after smashing records for its music video performed by one of the greatest entertainers of all time, Michael Jackson. The first song I heard on vinyl record was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Synonymous with Halloween and intoxicating with the dance sequence people all generations; still today, the song certainly brings back memories of my elementary school Halloween parade. “Thriller” was and still is the song we all recognize. The tempo of the song and rhythm it invokes still, to this day, makes people even at the stuffiest parties want to get up and do the traditional “Thriller” dance. The words to the song are also relatively few and far between so it is not hard to memorize, and for me back then and still today, it is not hard to follow along with a song that utters, “Cause this is Thriller!” every other phrase without smiling.

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A song that makes me want to dance would be Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk.” It was an anthem when I was in middle school, and Mars performed the song at the Super Bowl a few years ago. Mars, like Jackson, is a high-energy performer. Not just in the lyrics of “Uptown Funk” is it tempting just to get up and dance, but also watching Mars perform the song as he and his band are jumping around the stage. The song is meant to encourage people to get on the dance floor, and it is the song that everyone can enjoy because it has no profanity and yet it elicits such a roaring anthem-like quality.

A song that takes me back to my childhood is the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” This song was always played on the radio throughout my childhood, and it was the song of female empowerment. It mentions all the positive things that being female can bring and also is innocent at the same time. When I was a kid, the radio was always on when I was in the car going to school or afterschool activities, and this song was just the one to get every female in the vehicle singing along.

Regarding love songs, I think I might be at a disadvantage only because I have never really been in love to know precisely how a love song is supposed to make you feel. However, I think the calm and lighthearted melody of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” is sweet. Sheeran is known for his love ballads, and indeed, the calm and warming rhythm of this song at least makes me feel like how someone in love should communicate with their partner.

Music meant to remember someone by is difficult to identify only because at any moment in time, feel like I am a different person than I was even a few years ago. Your tastes change, and how you communicate those preferences with the world are subject to changing as well. However, at this moment, I think Ariana Grande “Thank You, Next” is the anthem that all girls of similar age to me might define a part of themselves by. A song that furthermore makes me want an encore performance of it is Portugal. The Mans’, “Feel it Still.” The lyrics speak to me and make me think about the significance of all the things we might take for granted but also want to shout to the rooftops about in the world.

Music is something I have certainly appreciated to this point in my life. Naturally, music is something that cultures have heralded for excellent reason across the world. Indeed, the future of music and its further impacts on my life will be interesting to entertain.

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