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Ice Cream Shop Supply and Demand

I operate a small ice-cream stand on campus called Ice-Campusades. I order the same number and same variety of ice-creams from the supplier every day, however, the demand for my ice-creams varies on a day-to-day basis. There are several factors that may explain why the demand of my ice-creams is...

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Business Organization of Coffee House

Betty Wilson, a Christian, has considered opening a Christian coffeehouse to be known as “The Gathering Place” in Belmont, North Carolina. She has completed some preliminary research that provided her with two separate franchise opportunities. The first opportunity would require her to adopt the franchise name and trade dress. The...

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Small Businesses and Veterans

The national policy priority has been on making sure a success in the self-employment of service-disabled veterans. This success can be achieved through entrepreneurship, enabling business partnerships with federal government and military agencies among other provisions. Some legislative policies have been made to allow and promote procurement assistance for the...

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Mary Kay Cosmetics: Asian Market Entry Case Analysis

The Porter Diamond theory of national advantage is a model that aims to provide a better understanding of the competitive advantage that groups or companies possess as a result of certain circumstances (Yetton et al, 1992). In addition, the Porter Diamond Theory helps to acquire a better understanding of the...

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Business Proposal: Corporate Silver Credit Wallet

Statement of Problem Getting around Abuja has been a major concern, especially for drivers using personal cars, due to the heavy traffic experienced within the city. For business owners, the issue has been known to cause major upset due to the numerous meetings they have to attend regularly. As a...

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Working A Traditional Job Or Being An Entrepreneur

Using the example of a graphic designer, the various advantages and disadvantages of the employee and entrepreneur roles come into sharp focus. To begin with, there is the obvious consideration of job security, or ongoing earning. The designer employed by a company has a degree of job stability not available...

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Candyman: The David Klein Story

David Klein’s story addresses ethical, moral, and philosophical theories that took place in the candy business. Klein actions can be viewed as the Divine Command Theory. This theory states that morality is based on something higher that mundane human events. He considered how we ought to behave, what is best...

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Chef Thomas Keller

Thomas Keller is the only American-born chef in the world to be awarded multiple Michelin star ratings for two different restaurants (Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, n.d.). In 2005 he received one for his New York Restaurant Per Se and in 2006, he received the same award for his Bay Area...

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Features of Utility Graph

According to Richard Thaler, a Utility Graph is used in business by economists to measure the usefulness obtained by a certain consumer from a certain good. However, to understand the usefulness, the utility graph must be used accurately and correctly. Utility graph is defined as indifference curve that can make...

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Diffusion in Business

When considering investment of corporate profits, the best return for the lowest risk is always a favorable position. However, if faced with the decision to make an investment in computer software that is either a high-risk, potential high profit software or a low-risk, moderate profit software, there are several considerations...

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The ABC Department Store

It is not necessary for ABC Department Store to drop the clothing line of business. ABC Company needs to make adjustments and profits will channel. Clothing line attracts more sales than the Hardware, meaning it has a wide customer base and can improve with an application of a critical approach....

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Small Business Preference

In response to the recession of 2009, in order to stimulate the economy the government looks to small businesses to stimulate the economy. According to Allen and Daniels (2013), more than half of private sector job growth comes from small businesses. Small businesses are needed to prime the pump of...

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Daycare Business Opening In Wisconsin

Starting a sole or partnership business in Wisconsin requires several legal approaches just like any other part of the United States of America. They include; proper choice of the business, competency in the business venture to avoid inconvenience of how to run the business, dealing with safety and health, licensing...

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Small East European Restaurant

Executive SummaryVision To become the primary destination for European food in the United States Mission To provide high-quality food products to our customers to meet their food needs as well as offering satisfactory services. Goals • To provide high-quality food product. • To provide a broad range of catering services...

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Restaurant Industry

Macro-environment analysis of the restaurant industry, in reference to research presented by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) in its 2016 Restaurant Industry Pocket Fact book, reflects various opportunities for growth and profitability. The major factors are socio-cultural, economic and technological, where the former is represented by increases in the number...

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Restaurant Demand And Capacity

Based on your personal experience, illustrate how a particular service (of your choosing) successfully implemented strategies for managing both demand and capacity. Throughout some of my early college and professional years, I worked as a host and waiter in a few different restaurants. This scenario serves as a direct example...

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The Alexandria Confectionery & Chocolate Company – CoronaOverview

Chocolate and other confections have been manufactured in Alexandria, Egypt since 1919, when the Royal Egyptian Chocolate Factory, now known as the Alexandria Confectionary and Chocolate Company, or ‘Corona’ began producing the popular sweets. The Royal Egyptian Chocolate Factory quickly became famous (and beloved) for its Corona chocolates, which are...

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Training Proposal for Nino’s Pizzeria

Nino’s Pizzeria recently hired a group of 15 new employees for the wait staff and needs to retrain the current wait staff on the training program. A manual will be made to discuss the two day training program for the 20 employees. The training program will identify training needs through...

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Animal Magnetism Inc

Abstract Developing a client tracking system is the best choice in this case study. It would allow a customer database to be developed with ease. For a growing business such as Animal Magnetism Inc. there is a need to have proper tracking systems in order to get feedback and improve...

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Why Should Open Burger Restaurant in Germany

The name “hamburger” is derived from the name of the German city, Homburg. Therefore, it is apparent that the Germans have a culture of consuming hamburgers because even the name comes from a German city. In Germany, the political leadership is stable and it allows people to determine their own...

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