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Small business

Restaurant Demand And Capacity

Based on your personal experience, illustrate how a particular service (of your choosing) successfully implemented strategies for managing both demand and capacity. Throughout some of my early college and professional years, I worked as a host and waiter in a few different restaurants. This scenario serves as a direct example...

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The Alexandria Confectionery & Chocolate Company – CoronaOverview

Chocolate and other confections have been manufactured in Alexandria, Egypt since 1919, when the Royal Egyptian Chocolate Factory, now known as the Alexandria Confectionary and Chocolate Company, or ‘Corona’ began producing the popular sweets. The Royal Egyptian Chocolate Factory quickly became famous (and beloved) for its Corona chocolates, which are...

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Training Proposal for Nino’s Pizzeria

Nino’s Pizzeria recently hired a group of 15 new employees for the wait staff and needs to retrain the current wait staff on the training program. A manual will be made to discuss the two day training program for the 20 employees. The training program will identify training needs through...

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Animal Magnetism Inc

Abstract Developing a client tracking system is the best choice in this case study. It would allow a customer database to be developed with ease. For a growing business such as Animal Magnetism Inc. there is a need to have proper tracking systems in order to get feedback and improve...

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Why Should Open Burger Restaurant in Germany

The name “hamburger” is derived from the name of the German city, Homburg. Therefore, it is apparent that the Germans have a culture of consuming hamburgers because even the name comes from a German city. In Germany, the political leadership is stable and it allows people to determine their own...

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