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Communication Tech

The communications sector has experienced an abrupt transformation lately owing to the introduction of cell phones. The cell phones have brought a rapid transformation of the modes of communication, whereby people have moved from the old forms of communication and embraced the new forms through the use of cell phones....

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DISH Network

The current technological advancement has transformed ways in which business owners interact with their customers. Computers have played significant roles in terms of job efficiency and security. Almost in every organization, the computers have been used substantially for several reasons. Nonetheless, even the smallest companies depend on these computers to...

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Verizon Wireless

The telecommunications industry is one that attracts huge profits as it is an industry that is necessary for the daily lives of people. As such, people need to communicate on a regular basis using different media. In the contemporary world, the use of the internet is one that has taken...

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Hands off Our Cellphones

Data: Smart phones contain a significant quantity of personal data. The police are allowed to search these phones without a warrant. “Once they place a suspect under arrest, police in many parts of this country are allowed to search the contents of his or her mobile phone — including text...

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How Cell Phones Affect Us Epistemologically And Ontologically

Introduction The use of cell has spread throughout the globe. Cell phones have become an integral part of daily living in the society. Over the course of time, cell phones have advanced in makes and designs in an attempt to make them more users friendly. Currently, it is estimated that...

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