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Cell Phone Market Externalities

An externality refers to an output of a production process that is unintentionally produced and that when produced results in either a positive effect on other players in the market and that are not compensated for. The cell phone market has experienced rapid growth over the past few decades, and...

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Cell Phone and Digital Media

When cell phones were first introduced, they revolutionized the world. All of a sudden, people could make phone calls from anywhere, send text messages to friends and family, and enjoy significant convenience. Over time, as technology tends to do, cell phones got better. Smart phones have been developed, and with...

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Buying iPhone 5S

Recently, I gave my iPhone 3 to my younger brother, thus, I needed a replacement for it. It was a little difficult decision this time because unlike when I bought iPhone 3, the number of reliable alternatives has grown significantly in terms of value. I have heard good things about...

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Disposing of a Broken Smartphone

The main materials that manufacturers use to make smartphones are metals, glass, and plastic. The outer covering is hardened plastic such as polycarbonate and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and is full of flame-retardant chemical (Ongondo and Williams, 2011). It can withstand temperature fluctuations. Thus, the feature makes it resistant to...

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Are Cell Phones Harmful?

Many people consider cell phones as a harmless way to make their lives easier. Indeed there are many reasons why cell phones are a beneficial part of life. However, simply accepting this level of technology, that is now by most individuals’ sides twenty four seven, is dangerous in ways that...

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