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Should Phones be Allowed in School?

Times have changed since Graham Bell invented the telephone in the 1800’s. The innovation of mobile phones and later smartphones has revolutionized how people communicate. However, today’s smartphones possess more complex capabilities than just simple communication. Application developers are constantly engaged in developing new applications and updating the old ones...

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Critical Essay On iPhones

Apple Inc designs and markets the iphones as their line of smart phones. The company first released the phone in 2007 and it uses Apple’s iOS as its operating system (Trautschold, Rene, and Gary 45). The most recent iphones, iphone 5C and iphone 5s belong to the seventh generation. The...

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The Great Phone Wars

Introduction As cell phone technology advances at nearly exponential rates, an interesting conflict expands as well; namely, the individual merits of the iPhone by Apple as compared to those of the Google Android. The devices, seemingly engaged in an “arms race” in the enormous smartphone market, generate fierce loyalty among...

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Storedot: Description of the Market

Storedot has demonstrated various prototypes of the nanodot battery that can be used in smartphones. With the interaction of people and the technology, the battery could lead to a change in the interaction with the portable electronics and even the realization of a fast charging electric car. Quite a long...

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Samsung vs Galaxy

Introduction If everyone in here were to pull out your phone, chances are that most of you will have Apple I phones or Samsung Galaxy phones. Some of you may have iPads and iPods, whereas some of you may have Samsung tablets. Have you ever stopped to consider how similar...

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