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Germany and Siemens

Negotiations with suppliers of Siemens’ products require a keen exploration of the options suppliers have in gaining power and reducing the risks the current negotiations. According to Spangler (2012), negotiators may spend much time in gaining more power at the bargaining table. In most cases, bargainers would spend more time...

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The Problems with New Social Technologies

I remember very clearly the first time that I thought maybe smartphones and Facebook aren’t good things for us. I was having dinner with an acquaintance of mine, and I thought he was a very interesting person and would be good to get to know. He had a lot of...

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New Mobile Technology: A Paper Sample

With the onset of technology, various manufacturers ranging from mechanical to electrical are looking for ways to develop a myriad of connectivity on products to enhance multifunctioning. Smart cars, also known as connected cars are among the products that have been fitted with elaborate systems that encompass hardware, software and...

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Mobile HIV Technology Helping Today’s Youth – Annotated Bibliography

Liebman, J., Pat Lamberti, M., & Altice, F. (2002). Effectiveness of a Mobile Medical Van in Providing Screening Services for STDs and HIV. Public Health Nursing, 19(5), 345-353 According to this article, it is true and evident that the use of mobile medical van is effective in providing screening services...

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The Impact of Smartphone Technology on Businesses, the Government and Society

Once upon time, personal computers and mobile phones were perfectly distinct devices that performed completely different tasks. While personal computers had operating systems that enabled users to surf the Internet, send e-mail and run various software applications such as spreadsheets, videogames and databases, mobile phones were primarily used to make...

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