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Social Institution

Deviance and Social Control: Religion

Polk Youth Institution is a correctional facility where Sergeant Furman Camel has worked as an officer (Camel, n.d.). The audio presents different stories from a number of officers, which gives a presents life in correctional facilities from the perspective of a prison guard (Camel, n.d.). Ideally, the different accounts offered...

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Social Institutions

Far more than a mere economic upset, the 2008 financial meltdown in the United States and the ensuing long-term recession have affected all aspects of society, perhaps in permanent ways. The high unemployment rates, soaring indebtedness on the part of the average American consumer, and the inevitable impact that these...

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The History and Future of Social Security

The history and future of social security are one of the most discussed issues currently. For several years, the United States of America has implemented various policies to ensure that social security is enhanced. Several issues need to be discussed when talking about the history of social security. One of...

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Institutional Oppression

Institutional oppression is the practice whereby certain groups of people are discriminated against through either overt or hidden means; some of these common practices are so ingrained within the society as to go largely unnoticed or ignored. Places where institutional oppression may occur include civic organizations, the educational system, and...

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Branch Libraries: The Heartbeat of the Community

As seen in Chapter 2 of Better Together (2003), Chicago was able to create a sense of community in its public libraries by reimagining the library as a community center, rather than as the traditional library that focused primarily on providing quiet spaces filled with books. The new libraries in...

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