Social media is a platform that allows communication on a 24/7 basis. It seems that because of social media, Facebook is particular, there is no such thing as a private moment anymore. Intimate pictures of people at their most vulnerable are permanently memorialized on social media for mass viewing. If an argument against social media were to be made, it should rest on this principle of invasion of privacy. Although the participants are willing, the sincerity of the event taking place is lessened sometimes by the need to document it for social media.
Social media is a platform that allows us to see into other people’s lives. However, social media also allows everyone to be their own publicist and promote their good qualities without promoting their bad qualities. This is an ego boost to the person who is posting favorable things about themselves, but it can cause an unfair comparison from people who do not have as happy of circumstances.

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The main function of social media should be to bring us all together, but sometimes it seems like it keeps us all apart. Many people obsess about their social media “profiles” more than they do about their own private individual character. Therefore, social media is a platform to hide in, although one is in public view.

Many people find comfort in having hundreds of friends on social media. However, these hundreds of friends make the truly valuable friends feel lost in the crowd. It is difficult to tell the difference between “friend” and “acquaintance” on Facebook. Therefore, the sincerity of relationships kind of breaks down because of the multiple relationships that it appears one has on social media. Therefore, social media, in many ways, has replaced “real” life, both socially, and intellectually.