I have accumulated vast experience about social networking and social media by now. Consequently, the use of social media has taken the largest part of our lives lately. I have witnessed people of different ages, class, social backgrounds, educational levels, cultural history and even religious backgrounds have all embraced the use of the technology in their various undertakings. Moreover, the use of social media has transformed our lives to significant extends making our lives easier than how we could imagine. Given the current experience that we have already acquired through the use of the platform, it is imperatively evident that the potential of the technology is fundamentally unquestionable.
Thus, to start with, it has become apparent to me that the use of social media has transformed the world into a global village. Perhaps, competition is the order of the day in almost all aspects of our societal undertakings. Happily, the use of social media has proved to be a remarkable platform from which people can share their ideas and experience. In addition to that, companies and complex organizations have been empowered to undertake their activities without geographical constraints. It has come to my experience that the most interesting part of the technology is the fact that it has made people from different countries to carry on with their activities despite the distances that exist between them. Social media platform such as Skype has been designed to necessitate direct communication of people regardless of where they are located. Thus, as much as we are celebrating how the technology has improved cohesiveness in our communities, it is also important that we sit back and appreciate its relevance in fostering peace and humility in people from various parts of the world.

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Through the experience that I have acquired about social networking, I have every reason to believe that the use of social media has also been major educational equipment in our societies. Understandingly, education is the foundational platform for success in our communities. It provides us with knowledge that we utilize to solve issues that affect us alongside empowering us with logical rationales from which we can make our lives better. Thankfully, learners from different parts of the world can access their classes from social media platforms alongside holding groups discussions. Active learning activities require quick responsiveness of the students and the teachers. Apparently, there are no better ways of ensuring that students and educators share their ideas and concerns at a more rapid rate other than through the use of social media. Moreover, I have also managed to understand that it is through the use of social media that learners from different parts of the world can share the innovations and developments that have been discovered to boost the quality of learning.

Have you ever imagined how the state of business activities could have been without the presence of social media in our societies? I guess we could have been miles behind regarding economic achievements that we currently enjoy. Consequently, the use of social media should be celebrated and apprehended because it has proved crucial in as far as running various business ventures is concerned. It should be noted that unlike in the past couple of decades where advertisements and marketing relied on the actual presence of marketing personnel, the use of social media has empowered business people to post their adverts on social media platforms thus improving the marketing capabilities of their goods and services. I have been empowered to understand that it is imperatively captivating that people use social media to create a sense of awareness regarding the products and services that they have experienced and feel that they should be rated highly. Thus, other than ensuring that the buyers can access quality goods and services, the use of social media has also compelled manufacturers to improve the services and products that they offer to win the trust of their customers.

I have also experience people engaging in peace activities through social networking. Understandingly, peace concerns have been trending issues in our societies over the recent years. The world has evolved from eras of conflicts such as the world wars to the extent of modifying the world into a standard unit where life is dignified. Happily, the use of social media has been a remarkable tool that has been used to spread the concept of peace to people from different world nations. In retrospect to that, the use of the technology has also intensified the abilities of the individuals to share valuable and leading information that can be used to track down and consequently curb terror issues. In that regard, it is worth to note that peace is the primary tool that has necessitated our presence in this forum in the first place. We all want and will always thrive to cultivate the world where we can live freely and without fear. Thus, why not ensure that we continue using social media platforms to cultivate peace amongst us?

I have also gained sufficient experience to believe that the use of social media can also be associated with both negative and positive implications thus despite the fact that the latter outnumbers that former, it is important that we also address some of the adverse effects of social media. Consequently, the use of social media can affect the development of underage children. Notably, young people are the future hope and consequently leaders of our next generations. However, the use of social media can have adverse effects on the developments of youth. The fact that the use of social media has not been constrained by access to particular groups of individuals means that children are likely to be influenced negatively by some of the people whom they encounter in social media platforms. In fact, researchers have affirmed that societal criminals such as drug dealers can use the platform to manipulate and consequently misuse young children. Hence, the fact that our societies have chosen to embrace the technology means that we should be cautious to essentially ensure that it does not affect us negatively imperatively.