Social media is something that we use in order to be social in modern times. Therefore, it can be argues that social media has changed the ways that we are social. Because we are able to communicate from afar, we sometimes choose to communicate at a distance rather than in person. In many ways, this distance has put emotional distance between people as well.
The first way that there has been an emotional distance is the way that people like to text each other rather than talk, or message each other on Facebook. These are instant forms of communication, but we do not get to see each other’s facial expressions, or hear voice intonations. These were previously integral parts to communication. Social media makes us feel like we are closer to each other, when in fact we are further apart. Through Facebook, many people post every incident in their daily lives. This makes people closer who might otherwise not have known that much detail about this person, but at the same time, it alienates the closer core of friends and family.

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People gage their lives by other’s pictures. Any friend who lives thousands of miles away can know what someone had for breakfast, but the relationship really never goes any deeper. This also leads people to put pictures that are favorable to them, and make other people compare their lives and become dissatisfied.

Ancient ways that humans connect are being disintegrated by social media. Body language, for instance, is lost online because no one can see each other. The fact is, that social media is evolving a different type of interaction. This new form of interaction is physically and emotionally removed from any types of relationships in the evolutionary past of human beings.