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Negative Impact of Social Media

The role that social media plays in society today is difficult to overestimate. Empirical studies show that an average American spends at least two hours a day on social media (Kardaras, 2016). There is no agreement in regard to the type of effect that social media platforms have on an...

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Social Media and Human Relationships

Social media has emerged as a cultural phenomenon that has changed interpersonal communication in a variety of ways. Creating ease of communication and increasing access to people all over the world, social media is instrumental in connectivity, learning and general relationship building. However, its massive size and near ubiquitous presence...

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Media Affect on Body Image

In today’s society, media images are plastered across social networks, magazines, and television. We live in a world where the images from the media contain actors, actresses, and models with our ideal of beauty, and it is these images that are idolized, placing increased pressures on men and women alike...

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The Effects Of Social Media On Friendship

As a psychology major, I thought that writing about the effects of social media on friendships was a good choice. Establishing intimacy on physical and emotional levels is something that social psychology is concerned with. Social media has also changed many things in society, such as the way that we...

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Planning a Social Media Campaign

Plan Strategy The first and most important part of designing a social media campaign to promote healthcare is to plan the strategy. One early decision that needs to be made is known as audience segmentation and refers to designing which audience is most appropriate for the campaign (Evans, 2006). For...

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