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Social media

Social Media Kills Face-to-Face Conversation Skills

In the recent years, an active role of the social media increases. For instance, in 2016 there were 1.86 billion registered users on Facebook, 284 million people who use Twitter and 200 million users of Instagram. Such a high number of users not only allows to establish a quick connection...

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The Future of Online Social Media

The goal of this paper is to take a small step toward understanding the future of online social media. The media artefact chosen is a very short (1:19) preview of Microsoft’s vision of the future of online social media, entitled “Is this the future of social media?” The video depicts...

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The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Because of the scandals and controversies which seem to take center stage on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites, the question of why it is important for marketers to use such avenues is a legitimate one. However, the following definition of social media points...

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Social Media Presentation is a social network designed for creating and sharing videos, messaging, and live streaming. It was released in 2014. The focus of the social network is the creating of 15-second videos which the users can then customize with music and effects (Carson, 2016). Through the app, users can also...

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Using Social Media for Networking in Psychology

According to Psychology Today (2010), LinkedIn provides several valuable features for Psychology students if they are fully taken advantage of. The authors recommend several things for completing profiles such as stating the purpose of the profile, using a professional photo, obtaining colleagues recommendations and including psychology related keywords. The authors...

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