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Social Networks

Cause and Effect of Social Media

It is difficult to imagine a technology that has been defining our times now as much as the social media. Social media has penetrated both our private and professional lives and has been embraced by almost every imaginable profession or industry including social welfare sector and politics. While most of...

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Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

Facebook by itself is not responsible for making us lonelier; Facebook is another feature in a long line electronic of replicas for human interaction that began with the Internet itself. This alienation was further exacerbated by the cellular phone explosion, complete with the ever-advancing technology that gives us all hand-held...

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How Social Media Benefit Relationships

As social media become an important part of young people’s lives, it is reasonable to ask what effect do social media have on young adults and their relationships. Many aspects of our social lives have moved online and we seem unable to resist the convenience and joy of being connected...

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Homework 1 Assignment

Do I have the temperament and capacity to operate in an environment that is knowledge based, flexible, and innovative? In an environment that is knowledge based, flexible, and innovative it takes a person that is creative and has a certain type of drive to operate without being easily distracted or...

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History of Facebook

Imagine being in college with no social media and no way of communicating with your friends without leaving your bed. In 2004, there was still no real social media like there is today. Mark Zuckerberg cut his teeth at Harvard University, and he saw the same problem that others noticed...

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