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Social Norms

Culture and Health

Female circumcision reduces immorality among girls by reducing sexual sensitivity. It encourages marriage since circumcised women are perceived as virgins. Moreover, it has an aspect of religious fulfilment especially among Muslims. It also holds cultural values to involved communities (MacLachlan, 2006, p. 26). As much as society is entitled to...

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How Has the Family Changed

While some modern-day families are still trying to have a family mean in the evening at least a couple of times per week, the way it takes place has changed dramatically. Namely, it is rarely regarded by family members as a special occasion or a “family date” even though many...

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Functions of The Family

Because for most of us family represents something ultimately intimate and close while also being associated with the dearest people whom we care deeply about, thinking about a family from the sociological point of view, dissecting its structure and functions seems as something ultimately unsettling and discomforting. Looking at your...

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Social Disorganization Theory

Every city seems to have a part of town that is considered to be the "bad" part of town. It is an area where crime and other social problems run rampant. Shaw and McKay ( ) have an explanation for the existence of these high crime areas. Shaw and McKay...

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How The Word “Bitch” Is Now An Empowering Compliment

There have been a number of changes to society since the beginning of the 21st century and also in the late 20th century. Changing stereotypes and social norms have made it more acceptable for particular language styles and communication methods. Language that was deemed to be highly unacceptable in the...

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