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Social Problems

Zapatista Movement and Occupy Wall Street

The Zapatista Movement was a movement that started twenty years ago when a group of Indigent Zapatista rebels went up against the Mexican government in an effort to assert the rights of the impoverished group in the Mexican state on the date of the signing of the Free Trade Agreement....

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Reproduction Technologies

The advent of information system has initiated the transformation of various aspects in the society. Some of the progressions experienced in the society are associated with the changes experienced in the medical and healthcare industries. Reproductive technology is one of the typical representations of the advancements that have been initiated...

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Tolerance and Intolerance

In their recent editorial piece, ‘Why America needs intolerance’, Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell (2016) argue that thinking about the notions of tolerance and intolerance has gotten mixed-up recently, with the result that something that is actually praiseworthy has become a kind of social bogeyman. This paper will show that...

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The Common Good

I believe that the common good is the construction of a society of equality and safety that holds a place for all people within it. This society does not discriminate against those who have different capabilities or interests. Instead, it tries to create a place for all people who are...

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The Three Estates of Today

Medieval society was divided into three classes, called “estates”. The “First Estate” was the Clergy (those who prayed), the Second Estate was the Nobility (those who fought) and the “Third Estate” was the Peasantry, which was everyone else, who also grew the food that fed the first two estates (Schwartz...

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