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Social Psychology


Stereotyping beings at an early age. As early as preschool we hear teachers saying, ‘boys enjoy playing rough and getting dirty’ in contrast girls are more prone to playing with dolls. Many people fail to think about the impact stereotyping has on their daily lives. However, society is filled with...

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How To Spot A Lie

The video addresses two main truths. The first truth is that lying is a cooperative act. On some level, we must want to believe a lie. Lies in themselves are powerless, until someone believes them. However, just because people want to be cooperative does not mean that lying does not...

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Maslow and Rogers

The theories of Behaviorism and Psychodynamic psychologies, developed by Watson, Skinner, and Freud were one of the first theories in psychology. However, in spite of adding much to the field of psychology, these theories also lacked some things. Both behaviorism and psychodynamic theories gave much control to the therapist, the...

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Psychology and Aging

Psychology is a field dealing with the study of behaviors and mental functioning of people. The important goal of psychology is understanding people. Aging occurs when as time passes by a person starts to change physically, and all human beings have to go through aging. Psychologists who deal with older...

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Personality and Personal Growth

Transpersonal model of personality has been defined by Frager and Fadiman(2005) as development that goes beyond the individual, conventional or personal levels. The study is concerned with analyzing an individual’s highest potential, realization of the intuition process and the understanding of the states of consciousness. According to Walsh and Vaughan...

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