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Social Psychology

Autism and Social Skills

The effects of autism on people's lives are often varied and heavily dependent on the context in which the take place. This paper will consider specific effects that emerge from the condition, both in terms of how they affect those who are diagnosed autistic and those who are their primary...

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How Does Peer Pressure Affect Academic Achievement?

Peer pressure is the most powerful social force impacting the student academic performance. Most students influenced by their peers include those at their adolescence ages. Schools overall performance is usually influenced by the kind of the children enrolled alongside other factors such as the quality of education they offer. However,...

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When Kids Get Life

In this paper, I will review the biological and psychological theories of crime using the examples of crime provided in the documentary “When Kids Get Life” as an illustration. Both biological and psychological theories of crime refer to the framework of positivism, which states that an individual’s criminal behavior is...

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Identifying the Function of Challenging and Appropriate Behaviors

Reinforcement is an action or substance that is used to increase the possibility that a specific outcome or behavior will be achieved after a period of time from which stimuli is delivered soon after a response or when the behavior that is expected is exhibited. Negative reinforcement occurs when a...

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“The Power of No” by Judith Sills

This article discusses the issue of saying “No” and how difficult it can be, especially when we wish to create or preserve a positive image. However, it highlights the importance of learning to say no, especially in certain circumstances, and why it’s important to the preservation of self and to...

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To Err is Human Coursework

Medical errors are very common in health care systems. Some of the errors are as a result of unavoidable circumstances while others are human errors that can be avoided. Most of the medical errors that lead to severe injuries and deaths can be avoided (IOM, 1999). One of the most...

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Nick Carroway’s Dilemma

Nick Carroway’s dilemma lies in the fact that he is always an observer in life and never an active participant. He is always on the outside looking in even though he is wealthier than any of the characters in the novel. He proclaims to be honest and non judgemental, but...

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How To Say “No”

Dear Peter: I am writing to you because I am really concerned about the high burnout rate among my colleagues. I have lost three very capable colleagues over the last month that moved to rival consulting firms with more accommodating work culture. My discussions with both former and current colleagues...

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Computer-Assisted Psychological Assessment

Kurt and colleagues (2004) compared the computer and pencil-and-paper versions of self-report instruments for depression and ability to function. Many elderly people (over 65) experience depression, but it is not often addressed in primary care settings. A computerized measure which could be completed by a patient while waiting would be...

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Termination of Clinical Relationship with Children

Consideration for Termination of Clinical Relationship with Children Majority of children experiencing trauma often demonstrate it through what is called PTP (Posttraumatic Play (PTP). It is a repetitive enactment of trauma situations observed in a child’s play. Often, when children go through PTP, there arises the need for the introduction...

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Social, Spiritual, and Sexual Symbolism: The Bull in O’Connor’s “Greenleaf”

Flannery O’Connor’s short story, “Greenleaf,” is a sharp tale that is full of spiritual, social, and sexual symbolism. O’Connor’s overarching theme in her fiction is spiritual redemption through violence (Bernardo). In the case of main character in “Greenleaf,” redemption for Mrs. May comes at her life’s expense. Mrs. May is...

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Social Perspective Of Psychology

Looking at society from a psychological perspective can provide tremendous insight into our place in the world. Certainly, I knew coming into this course that culture has an effect on society. Beliefs, traditions and even certain types of food all represented my understanding of how society functioned; however, through the...

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The Problem of Consciousness

After examining information on consciousness and what David Chalmers had to state on the subject, I feel that the information both challenged and confirmed prior beliefs that I held about the hard and easy parts of consciousness. I agree that one of the easy parts of consciousness that Chalmers discussed,...

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Why Properly Trained Clinical Psychologists Should Not be Granted Prescription Privileges

Abstract An ongoing issue in the field of clinical psychology is debating whether psychologists should have prescription privileges. The first reason why this should not be the case is that there is a shortage of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists are usually found in the same area and therefore giving them extra...

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Positive Social Change

My commitment to positive social change was instrumental in my finding my niche in psychology. There are very few fields where social change is seen as being critically important in health and well-being, and there are few careers where advocating for social change can be a part of one’s job....

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African-Americans and Psychology

AFRICAN-AMERICANS AND PSYCHOLOGY From the dawn of humankind, humans have speculated about the nature of their minds and the causes of their behavior. Thus, the mind has become a principal subject of human exploration. These first investigations were mostly deductive, attempting to find universal results in the human context; a...

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The Application of Positive Psychology in My Life

AbstractPositive psychology is the area of psychology dedicated to improving well-being, rather than focusing on pathology. There are many ways in which research in positive psychology can be used in daily life. The purpose of this paper is to explore some of the current research on positive psychology to see...

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Discussion Post: Everyday Psychology

The fundamental attribution error is ‘the tendency to underestimate the degree to which behavior is externally caused’ (Sabini, Siepmann & Stein, 2001). The fundamental error occurs because of the way that human cognitive machinery works and is not dependent on any motivation (Sabini, Siepmann & Stein, 2001). In the 1950s...

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Cognitive Psychology

Definition: Cognitive Psychology Cognitive psychology is a psychology disciplines that entails the study on the manner by which information is processed by people. It involves the understanding on how people process information they receive and also how they treat the received information leading to relevant responses to a particular situation....

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Social Media Psychology

Today, social networking is synonymous with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. People’s lives are changing as the social media replace their traditional forms of communication. Over time, speaking directly to each other is declining because young people opt for Twitter or Facebook communication, despite the proximity of their residences. The communication...

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