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Social Psychology

Obama Personality Analysis

Introduction President Barrack Obama is the 44th president of United States of America, and the first African American serving president in office. The uniqueness of his presidency is characterized by his open admittance to consumption of alcohol and smoking. Is there a specific personality constraint that may define why President...

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Interactionist Theory of Personality

Interactionist personality theory (IPT) posits that behaviors result from the relationship a person has with the situations they are confronted with (Reynolds, Turner, Banscombe, Mavor, Bizumic & Subasic, 2010). Characteristically, IPT is somewhat mechanistic as it concerns how personal factors combined with situational factors explain individual behavior. Personal factors include...

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How Have Cell Phones Have Changed Us Socially

As I observe society, it becomes apparent there are many ways that cell phones have impacted how we live. All around me, people are connecting in different ways and using cell phones productively in ways that they couldn't have done so efficiently in the twentieth century. Currrently to my right,...

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Autism and Social Skills

The effects of autism on people's lives are often varied and heavily dependent on the context in which the take place. This paper will consider specific effects that emerge from the condition, both in terms of how they affect those who are diagnosed autistic and those who are their primary...

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How Does Peer Pressure Affect Academic Achievement?

Peer pressure is the most powerful social force impacting the student academic performance. Most students influenced by their peers include those at their adolescence ages. Schools overall performance is usually influenced by the kind of the children enrolled alongside other factors such as the quality of education they offer. However,...

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