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Concuring Ideologies: Capitalism And Socialism Explained

Capitalism and socialism are often considered to be two concurring ideologies having nothing in common. While the core features of capitalism are freedom of choice and private ownership, socialists protect some kind of economic democracy. They claim that means of production belong to all people involved in production. Although communism...

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Travel Patterns as a Socioeconomic Factor

Travel patterns have a significant influence on land use and development, particularly with regards to economic activity spatial distribution and availability of land for development. In addition, these impacts of travel patterns also have an impact on the affordability of housing, prices of land, productivity, cost of business, and economic...

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Response- Liberalism v. Socialism

MB Great post this week on the differences between classical liberalism, which could be considered modern conservatism, and socialism, or modern-day liberalism. How do you think that classical liberalism came to evolve into what we associate it with today? In a broad sense, there are many similarities between the two....

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Outline of Marx and Engels: The Communist Manifesto

The communist manifesto encapsulates the theoretical perspectives of Marxism and the industrial ideals of Engels with the aim of explicating the essence of communism. Divided into four sections, the communist manifesto reflects upon economic, political, and social factors that affected European states during the industrial revolution. Although the period initiated...

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Nielsen’s View of Pure Socialism

Nielsen's view of pure socialism, particularly in regard to the values of autonomy, equality and justice, is not a convincing argument in favor of freedom. The reason the argument is unconvincing is because it presumes that a purely socialist community, in which all members have an equal say on the...

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