Health care is an essential entity in the society because it affects all aspects of the life of human beings and national engagements. This is because a healthy society contributes to the stability of all other aspects of the society. There are various aspects of the health care of the society that are facing consistent changes due to the progressions that are experienced across the globe. These perspectives also lead to massive evolution in the needs and expectation of the people in the society (Gordon, 2014). One of the aspects that is intimate to healthcare is the management and administration of the funds associated with the services administered in the healthcare services.

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The acquisition of a socialized medicine system describes health care services all members of the society are insured and the healthcare facilities are controlled and managed by the governments. The funds that are used in the administration of the health care services are taxed from the citizens based on their ability to pay. The acquisition of healthcare reforms to establish a socialized system is one of the most practical ways through which access to healthcare services can be enhanced to all members of the society as a practical way of improving the quality of life (Gordon, 2014).

There are various points of view regarding the socialized medicine from various points of view. The conservatives, liberals, and medical experts have different opinions regarding the acquisition and implementation of socialized medicine in the United States. The conservatives perceive the socialized medical strategy in the United States as an essential entity in the society (Gordon, 2014). This is because this strategy is likely to make health care services be accessible members of all social groups in America. Some of the factors that make most of the Americans to have challenges in accessing the health care services are the high costs of the services in the country. Most of the people to have the ability to afford private health insurance schemes that can facilitate access to quality healthcare services. Therefore, the acquisition of the socialized systems in the country will enhance the ability of these individuals to get the medical facilities.

However, there are various challenges that are affecting the prospects of acquiring socialized health care services in the country. Some of the factors hindering the process include the lack of stable platforms on which the policies can be implemented. This is included the constitutional limitations that do not guarantee the right to medical services to all American citizens. Therefore, this presents a logistical challenge to the acquisition and implementation of the socialized medical system in the country. Therefore, this indicates that the strategy may have to take a lot of time because of the changes that may require on the areas it affects (Gordon, 2014).

The liberals also have some support for the socialized medical systems in the United States as one of the essential entities that can assist in the implementation of the radical changes that are essential to the health status of the Americans. The acquisition of socialized medicine in the United States is one of the practical measures that can be used in aligning the American health care systems along the global medical standards (Gordon, 2014). Most of the developed states in the world like Britain have implemented socialized medicine and this has assisted in the acquisition of massive stability in the healthcare system in the country and it has promoted the overall quality of life of the citizens.

Though, one of the resultant effects of the single-payer systems may be the transformation of most of the activities into socialism. Socialized medicine gives the government authority to pay for all the medical bills for the citizens. This may make the government be responsible for the management and full control of all entities associated with healthcare services. Tis include the management 9of the supplies and the resource that are utilized in the healthcare entities. Therefore, this is likely to create closed loop system for the healthcare activities (Gordon, 2014).

Socialized medication is likely to make the activities of the healthcare experts easier. This is because the systems are likely to reduce the number of people that die due to the lack of financial support. The medical experts are also likely to spend less time in dealing with financial matters associated with medication and concentrate on giving quality medical services to the people. On the other hand, the experts are also likely to experience challenges that may hinder the level of service delivery (Gordon, 2014). This is because of the bureaucratic processes that are associated with the government financial services may lead to the delay of the finances to the health care facilities that may lead to the lack of resources to facilitate the healthcare services. Improvements of basic facilities sin the medical centers may also have problems because the matters associated with the financial systems of the government and the health care centers.

There are various political influences that are affecting the operation of Obamacare. This is because of the reforms that are imposed in the system to initiate the operation of the whole entity. As a result, the Republicans have various advancements that they are making on the Obamacare to ensure that its operation is smooth (Weissman, 2014). One of the changes that the Republicans want to initiate is the change of the expansion of the Medicaid initiative with a comprehensive plan that is likely to be replaced with an allotment based in the number of poor people in each state (Weissman, 2014).