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Conducting Qualitative Research

In reviewing the work “Does Marriage and Relationship Education Work? A Meta-Analytic Study” by Hawkins, Blanchard, Baldwin, and Fawcett (2008) the first element of the study which emerges is it thoroughness and the size of its sample. The abstract immediately establishes the thoroughness of the authors’ approach to the study;...

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Research Analysis of Aged Care Service Delivery in Australia

The geographical distribution of aged care system delivery in Australia has already become a focus of several academic researchers, given the high rates of aging of Australian population. The majority of them indicates that aged care system in Australia is characterized by serious disparities in the availability and quality of...

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Kuwait Lifestyle

Kuwait has undergone a radical transformation in the past decades, demonstrating itself to be a progressive, innovative and attractive country to the rest of the world. Largely on the basis of the economic value of natural resources such as oil, and under astute leadership, Kuwait has wisely employed its God-given...

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Living in California (Los Angeles)

If I had to choose where to live in the US, I would definitely pick California. More specifically, I would want to live in Los Angeles, and here I will explain why. To begin with, Los Angeles is located on the ocean side, and this gives it the edge over...

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The Lifestyle and Routine Victimization Theories

The strongest point of all victimization theories is that they allow prediction of certain circumstances in which the crimes are likely to occur. Lifestyle perspective and routine activity theory are the two most progressive approaches existing in this field. Meier and Miethe (1993) define these theories as empirical and anecdotal...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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