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Addressing a Modern Social Problem

Sociology is studies the interaction of humans in society (Macionis, 2017). A society is people who reside in a particular territory that have similar ways to life. Society is investigated by sociologists who utilize a sociological perspective. The sociological perspective is used to identify patterns of behaviors within a society....

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Laughing All the Way to the Darwinian Bank Response

Laughing All the Way to the Darwinian Bank is a chapter in the book Mean Genes by Burnham and Phelan. The book’s is non-fiction, as it deals specifically with the issues that human beings face in America. The book is sociological in nature, seeking to understand why groups of people...

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The Heritage Foundation and Urban Institute; Social Imagination

Over the years, same-sex marriages were something that was unheard of. The mere thought of two men or two women dating, let alone getting married, triggered shudders among most people. However, the increase in liberalization and personal freedom has seen to it that 37 states in the US have legalized...

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Theories and Programs

Criminological theories derived from the study of sociology vary significantly regarding their explanations for the existence and causation of criminal behavior. This paper shall examine social structure, social process, and social conflict theories as they have been applied by the state in it is As humanity has progressed over the...

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GI Jane Sociology

In 1997, Demi Moore hit the big screen and changed how girls viewed their societal limitations. GI Jane, directed by Ridley Scott was full of gender barriers and stereotypes that were very active during that time. Demi Moore’s role was established to change the gender barriers as a combat soldier;...

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Using the Sociological Imagination: State of My Health

The state of my health has always been not so good, if compared to my peers. Modern society often stresses a focus on the fact that an individual is the only one who determines the state of his or her health. Numerous advertisements that address the importance of living a...

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Functionalism and the Family

This paper discusses the family as a social unit, from the sociological perspective of functionalism. It begins by defining the functionalist perspective, before analysing the family from the perspective of functionalism, with a focus on how functionalist theories of the family can be applied to modern technological society as opposed...

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Shared Culture

Regardless of how an individual feels about their native culture, the fact remains that members of a group share a single culture – but the question becomes: to what extent? Part of the answer to that question rests in the definition of culture, which is “people’s learned and shared behaviours...

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Emerging Adulthood and Culture

Emerging adulthood is a newly defined life stage. It was first proposed from an interview of 300 young people between the ages of 18 and 29. The study found that many of the subjects felt that they were clear of adolescent problems, but that they still felt a close tie...

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How the View of Muslim Americans has Changed Post 9/11

Without a doubt, the issue of the representation of Muslim in public space is covered with the number of stereotypes. Even though it’s proved that 98 % of American Muslims constrain a law-abiding part of the population, it is still the point for controversy and prejudices revolving around the particular...

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Operationalization in Sociology

Operationalization is the act of defining scientific terms by their procedures or experimental operations. Babbie discusses operationalism by using four-research question but in this article, I will only talk of two. Question 1: Are women more compassionate than men? The first application in this research is selecting a certain number...

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Social Science Research Methods

Science is a general knowledge or study of information which has been gained by proper methods. Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines science as "knowledge covering general truths of the operation of general laws, esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method." Scientific information is collected using the scientific method utilizing...

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What Is Global Stratification?

Billions of people suffer from poverty and related issues. These problems affect their lives, resulting in the low quality of living. In some countries, people have to starve or work in sweatshops to feed themselves. They do not get enough food, their housing is inadequate, and they hardly get medical...

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Social Stratification

Societies integrate various aspects that determine how people interact while executing their daily endeavors meant to uplift their well-being. Social facets such as cultural diversity, race, class, and ethnicity influence the position of different groups in a society. Social stratification in countries like the U.S. has enhanced the categorization of...

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Research in Social Stratification and Mobility

Social stratification is the concept that presupposes the existence of different layers of society. Such differentiation is conditioned by the unequal possession and distribution of resources (Beeghley 1). As a result, the different levels or strata occur. According to the most popular classifications, modern societies like the one in the...

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Why Is Public Service Important?

Public service is a great deal more than the ways the government assists people in need. It is what makes a republic work because it is the system that exists to address the needs of all. To truly understand why public service matters, in fact, it is helpful to consider...

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What is Public Service?

Abstract: This paper will examine what public service is. It begins by defining public service and then identified the type of job responsibilities that a public servant has, with emphasis on the criminal justice system. It then explores a number of questions on the qualities, rewards and sacrifices of a...

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Socioeconomic Status

According to the textbook, socioeconomic status, or SES, represents social class (Berger, 2011, p. 12). Given that different people are born into different cohorts, it is important to realize how different life can be simply based on what background one is born into. If I were born into an extremely...

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What is Sociological Imagination

Max Weber’s sociological imagination was informed by the distinctly different constructions of the psyches of his parents. The real question would seem to be whether it is even possible to be the child of a devoutly religious and strait-laced mother and a far more worldly, ambitious and sexually revolutionized father....

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Classical Sociological Theory

Theory to Be Researched: Race and Racism The sociological theory of race is a body of multidisciplinary knowledge that links the existing racial discrimination to economic inequality and social, as well as cultural, barriers to change. Classical sociology suggests that racism is an inevitable component of the imperialist, racist social...

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